1300hp TT Cobra vs ZR-1 Corvette

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OK, little bit of false advertising… this insane Cobra put down 1337whp at 30psi, he had it turned down to 740hp at 14psi for these passes, this thing is a MONSTER! It just got finished and they’re working on suspension, tires, etc next to get her to hook up!


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  1. These guys were calm and polite, didn´t endanger other drivers and had some fun racing. That´s what street racing should look like. And that cobra was absolutely SICK! It freaking passed a ZR1(which is a like a street legal jet) spinning its wheels through every fucking gear haha. Absolutely crazy. Must be hella fun driving those beasts.

  2. Did U Upgrade the INTERNALS On the MTR.? The.Internals Are Only Good for About 750 H.P. ,Then the Wrist Pins Can Get Kinda Squirrley.Been Timed on Quarter Mile ,Should Do Between 8.0- mid9's ??

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