How To Install A Catch Can

Today we are installing a Black Forest Industries BFI Catch Can on a 2015 Tiguan. This is a Volkswagen CCTA engine and the DIY applies to most VW TSI engines. This may help reduce carbon build up on the intake valves for GDI or Direct injection engine More about carbon buildup

BFI Catch Can in this video ~

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  1. Love the vids …keep up the good work. First time VW owner last night(2015 Tiguan base model) Would it be possable for you to do a video on Stereo upgrades? My Tiguan has no back up camera or Nav. like to know about issues with factory upgrades or Aftermarket … and if anything else is needed to do either upgrade?

  2. For a long time, I scoffed at the number of Allen Bolts that VW uses, including on the breaks. Now I am using allen bolts on my subaru oil pan because it's narrower, and I don't have to worry about getting a narrow 10mm on the bolts anymore. Now I have respect for the allen.

  3. I have a Audi A3 2.0 tfsi Quattro 2006. Do you now any good catch can kit for this model ? And who sell it ?
    Like your videos when you fix your cars. 😎🤘🏻
    Fredrik from Sweden 🇸🇪

  4. Hey Humble Mechanic, I have been looking for a long time a Catch Can for my 2006 Audi TT 8j 2.0 TFSI (BWA), what do I have to buy?
    very interesting videos, keep it up! from Germany 🙂

  5. Rx performance catch cans do a great job with 1 way vacuum check valves before and after the throttle body so under light throttle and wide open throttle their is vacuum in the crankcase.

  6. If you're planning on running the catch can drain to an oil dipstick tube return tube (like the BMW E46 has for example), would it be smarter to install this in a warmer part of the engine to avoid water getting into the system from condensation as a result of the oil cooling?

  7. I wasn’t lucky at all. I have a mk6 gti 2.0 tsi k04 and I installed a catch can like this and the result after a week was a blown seal at timing chain cover and at crankshaft too.

  8. Something doesn't seem right about this install. I'm sure you know how the pcv system works but here's quick recap:
    The intake side is usually the breather side, (not much of a check valve installed there because it's usually the clean side)
    The manifold side is the one that has the check valve because that's where the pressure escapes and most of the vapors come out from and back into the intake manifold

    So you deleted the intake block side and manifold side combining the manifold block and the intake tube together. To me that seems to be a problem, you're changing the direction of the flow of how the pcv system is supposed to work. Won't the intake right now basically force that stuff out?

    An ideal system is to have 2 catch cans. Or simply just one in the manifold side alone. There is usually no need to have one on the other side.

  9. if i installed this catch can on my old Passat B6 2009 will it remove the built up carbon ??? btw my engine jerks a lot cause of built up carbons and i dont know how to solve this issue really it screw my mind

  10. Why would vw design an engine that needs a catch can and not fit it at the factory. $1300 later for valve cleaning on 2012 with 50,000 miles. Not impressed vw.

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