I made a $1000 mistake

LOL OOPS im kinda mad but its fine we will get over it together right ?
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  1. Just buy a new angle kit, now, and when you do find the other set just sell them. Because they really do make a huge difference! Check out "Chris Fix " video on installing angle kit.

  2. Stay up brotha and keep on doing your thing!! F all of the haters bro, just keep on doing you fam!! An keep on inspiring people like myself to start making my own videos. Much love from Portland, Oregon!! 

    Daniel (@vapors_unite on, Instagram!!) <— Shameless pluggg!! 🙂

  3. I hope TJ sees this, Evan mate. Your a great bloke, your always gonna know people or have subscribers that will assume shit and just makes things worse for everybody.

    We all follow you, trust you and wish you the best in Texas. Doesn’t change anything for ya bois ❤️

  4. I was soooooooo tired of seeing that depressing looking San Diego apartment/tiny garage scenery all the time. This new content is a breath of fresh air.

  5. moving back to texas is a good idea, everytime id watch TJs posts with Evan in the video I always felt like he was treated poorly and the odd man out, tj had a shop and constantly made him work right outside, hes doing whats best for him, and he probably wasent happy being there, he had no work space, which means no content for you guys, their still friends but sometimes doing whats best for you is more important. Happy for you Ev. keep on rocking… ps ur Porche must be from Mexico cuz real Euros have check engine lights. pss. fly me out to Texas during the summer, im trynnaaa HOONNNNN together

  6. I think your check engine light might be from the exhaust install,when you grounded it did you do it correctly? Always go back and do step by step of what you did and fix and perfect anything you can

  7. Dude just ditch the stock harness, wire it your self with the bare essentials headlights, taillights, turnsignals, ECT… Or get a harness from painless.
    Plz like so evan can see.

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