Is JB Weld Strong Enough to Repair a Broken Connecting Rod? Let’s Find Out!

JB Weld Original is a terrific epoxy. However, every product has its limits. So, is JB Weld strong enough to repair a connecting rod that broke into 5 pieces? Let’s find out!

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  1. Thanks. I needed this. I'm getting sick of "..they glue airplane wings on with this..", and the old; " helmet glued to the goal-post" etc… Yet they fail EVERY time. I'm trying not to buy a $100 outboard motor bracket that's now held together with a hose-clamp.

  2. When I need some tensile strength patching something with JB Weld I add a few layers of fiberglass cloth. The epoxy is just thin enough to wet out the glass nicely. I used this method to repair a fatigue crack on the cast aluminum guard for my radial arm saw and it has lasted many years. For a really high strength repair, use carbon fiber cloth.

  3. Thumbs up. The con rod was broken in too many pieces and I doubt even if it was welded it would have lasted. Maybe you should have just cut another one in half and joined it with JB weld,

  4. Man, I almost took this video seriously for a minute but, fuck me, what a fucking abortion of a job you did gluing that shit back together. I spat my food out. Hats off to you sir.

  5. Pressure = F/A. The strength of JB weld is only 3960 PSI. The strength of aluminum is ohh about 40,000 PSI. We aren't even talking rough and sharp edges for stress risers and other stuff. JB is NOT a replacement for repairing a connecting rod.

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