Phora – Boss Up [Official Music Video]

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Directed by George Orozco & 6th Element


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  1. Your amazing u really make this girl I love really happy and ur such an inspiration to her and me also.thank u for being there for the people that need u yours truly forever

  2. I like Phoras new music too and I'm always gonna support, but his style is a little different. I miss songs like Reflections and Tears Of An Angel. The real deep songs were the best

  3. The difference all my niggaas talented or gifted I love the way you be spitting one day may you hear me much love from 920 GB been a fan for so many years

  4. I've toured with PHORA a few years back when he did the "Sincerely Yours Tour". Got to meet him and shared my music with him. He actually took the time to listen to it and posted on my wall and gave me some good feedback. Even shared my music video "Hueros Pueblo" on his Marco Archer FB page. Hes a Really humble person and has came from nothing which is really respectable, admirable, and inspiring. He's always be an inspiration. With that being said, it was always hard for me to listen to his music cause it usually has a very depressing tone and brought out a lot sad emotions in me and I'm a very happy and positive person…. But I can listen to this all day! Love this song! thank you PHORA. Trust me when I say that he has never changed, but his music has to adapt and will continue to evolve as he does as well and grows older. As a artist, you have to adapt and he's doing major things for himself, family, and his fans. Those that are proud of him… Know this. Those that are hating… Just don't understand the music industry and what it takes to be successful. Much love and success to him and everyone following the yours truly movement! You guys made his dreams come true! #BeBlessed #ModernDaySoulja

  5. I don't fw this. Ima keep it real Phora, your new music is kinda wack and your old music was wayyyyy better. Go back to that old style and beats you had dawg keep it west coast g funk type and some love songs every now and then

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