The Smart Way to Price Your Mobile App

There are a lot of free apps in the Google Play store. If that’s true, how do developers make money for their hard work? Banner Ads? Freemium? Begging? What if I make a break for the pack and charge for my app, how do I pick what to charge?

In today’s video Jayce talks about choosing the price for your mobile app smartly. He talks about the history of software pricing. Jayce gives some great information from across the web. Links to these stories are below. Check out this video to see what he has to say.

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Going Broke with App Success:
The Sparrow Problem:
Freemium is Not Software:
The Sparrow Opportunity:

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  1. In-app purchases are completely unacceptable to me as a user. If it's a game have a demo or ad-supported version, have a full version with an honest price. When you sell "consumables" you are just abusing your relationship with your users and sooner or later they will smell the bullshit of in-app purchases.

  2. As a "user" hears a fact. I have a limit to how much I will possibly spend on your app EVER. What I want is a $4 app that will never as for another cent because to be Frank your almost definitively not getting it.

  3. That is a start, but the point of this show was that you MUST have recurring options for customers to make "In App Purchases" , or multiple ways to make money from each user. We must seriously consider the life time value of each user.

  4. The only thing I learned from this was that freemium model I was going to use on my apps sucks since almost all of the tips are applicable only for the games.

  5. Not really, the Galaxy S4 is on par and slightly more expensive than the iPhone 5, millions of users bought it, just like the S3 and the Note 2.

    S3 sold 50 Million, S4 reaching 40M by now.

    Target your apps correctly and you'll be there.

  6. Easy most users on android are fright arse or else they wouldn't be on android in the first place, the easy answer is make shit free but make sure your app is just crap since you won't make any money off it being free secondly put tones of ads on the app

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