Will a Gas Engine Run on 100% Seafoam? Let’s find out!

Will a gas engine run on 100% Seafoam? Let’s find out!

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  2. he says he isnt sponsored by seafoam. how do we know he isnt the CEO/CFO of seafoam?? .. just kidding. I really enjoy these kind of videos.
    The production quality is great! (even better than some of the computer tech channels ive tried to watch in the past. go figure..)

  3. The thing that scares me from using seafoam is all my engines are very high mileage engines that of course consume some oil between oil changes. I'm scared that using some product like seafoam would Increase that oil usage.

  4. Hey man, you just earned yourself a new subscriber! Do you have a way I can donate to keep these awesome projects coming? Also, would you be interested in some Kohler KDW1003 3cylinder diesel engines? I have 4 of them brand new that where donated to my shop (they were damaged in shipping worth about 4,200 according to northern tool) but id love them to go to something cool like this! I'll even pay for shipping!

  5. I really enjoy all your vids. you are sooo honest and real. it is such a refreshing view for today's BS, Please keep up the great work and vids. Cant wait for your next one.

  6. During the summer of 2016 my old lawn mower started smoking bad. I've had it for at least ten years. I thought the motor was shot. I poured some Seafoam in. It ran the rest of the summer with no problems. I used it this last summer and added some more Seafoam. It might have many years left as long as I have Seafoam. I love this stuff.

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