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  1. i finally got it out today. But there wasn't any visible damage to the threads… I'm afraid to put it back in, so I think i'll order another one and see how it goes instead of an oversized one

  2. can't you put a lot of thread-locker in there so that it kinda stays in?
    is there a way to fix somethings like that permanently?!

  3. Exactly- they were going riding the next morning and were bent on trying anything to make it happen- against my advice, but I believe in freedom and it worked out wonderful.

  4. I did it with HEAVY WARNING at the owner's request. I'd rather have pulled the engine and done it right myself. And this bike is strictly for offroad use.

  5. That's EXACTLY what this one was doing. Ultimately you're best of to either helicoil it or pull the motor and tap it bigger and put a bigger plug in.

  6. there was an incident not long ago where a trainee mechanic did not tighten the sump bolt on a customers bike. The oil leaked out which soiled the back tire and brakes. The dude lost control of his bike onto oncoming traffic. Died instantly.
    Careful with this one, especially if you have to travel on public roads.

  7. I wouldn't trust it either, but as a get you home job, you cant fault the thinking behind it, this is what you do in the desert, and I think many people will find it helpful, good job Brian.

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