Dan Marino (QB, Miami Dolphins) Career Highlights | NFL

Miami Dolphins Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino led his franchise for 17 seasons, breaking all-time NFL records for touchdown passes, passing yards, and completions. Despite never winning a Super Bowl title, he will be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game.


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  1. Born and raised in Miami, I’m a die hard fan. That being said, Brady is one of the greatest…so is Marino, but Brady is right there. The Pats have been under 11 wins twice since 2001. The Pats caught lightening in a bottle with Bilecheck and Brady. Pats fans, enjoy it while you have it. We Dolphin fans are in perpetual football hell.

  2. Poor man. Never had a defence or a running game. That is what Bob Griese had. Undefeated season, Larry Czonka, Mercury Morris, and the #1 ranked defense. 2 Superbowl Rings.

  3. I live in philly wear dolphins gear all the time and eagles fans say all types of crap but were the only undefeated team ever and back to back super bowls

  4. People these days don't know what they are talking about. Back then, Dan Marino was more talked about Than tom Brady today. Dan Marino can WHIP that football better than anybody in NFL HISTORY! Doesent throw dumb interceptions either. I'm tired of people comparing tom Brady to Dan Marino. Tom Brady is not even on his level. If Brady played in the NFL back in the 80s, he wouldn't survive a snap if he got hit by Lawrence Taylor and other hard hitting linebackers. Dan Marino is a legend. And in my opinion, the best QB of ALL TIME!

  5. Not goat, but top 5 for sure, along with Joe Montana and Peyton Manning. And its not even worth mentioning me, cause obviously im the goat

  6. Man I use to like Dan Marino never was a Dolphins fan but you couldn't ignore Dan for his great skill set I promise I see alot of Dan Marino in Carson Wentz but Wentz has more mobility but he was on a Marino level before he got hurt!!

  7. dan marnio is the best quarterback. sinces the 80" than ryan step to the plate and brought back a great winning streak back in 2016 they were super close to the superbowl 💥

  8. Don Shula is to blame for Dan Marino never getting back to a Super Bowl. Shula was the guy in charge and they never gave Dan a pro bowl Running Back or a quality defense. They put all the pressure on Marino and in that era with the 49ers, Bills, Broncos, Cowboys, Giants, you couldn't win a SB with just a Hall of Fame QB and no run game or defense. Elway never won a Super Bowl until he got Terrell Davis, Shannon Sharpe and an elite defense in 1996-1998

  9. Dont want to hear anyone downgrading this dude because he never had the defense to win a championship. You can't out heart this guy and you can't out throw him so shut it anyone looking to disrespect him

  10. The Greatest Quarterback to ever play. Rings are overrated. Players play out their contract stipulation and 90% of them dont have championships in them.

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