How to use S Beam

This video shows you how to use S Beam on your Samsung Android device. S Beam is a way to share mobile content and files via the combination of Near Field Communication (NFC) and Wi-Fi Direct. it is a Samsung-exclusive feature.

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  1. you think the technology is moving forward when actually is dumbed down you can barely perform basic operations in those modern OS
    even copy operation is worse than windows 1, or even DOS: try copy only text files to a new subdirectory. You don't even get it do you?

  2. "Samsung exclusive"?. S beam is a renamed Android Beam. I tried sending files, on one was Android Beam, and on the second was S Beam. It succed.

  3. I use one android device as a wifi hot spot, so this feature doesn't work between my galaxy tab and galaxy s4.. kind of stupid that I have to switch off my hot spot to be able to use the feature when the hot spot is the wifi connection.
    just another gimmick, stick with blue tooth it's not ideal but it's a damn site better than this gimmic

  4. Another gimmicky Samsung device that's total waste of money.. just buy Google chromecast. 100times better and way cheaper.

  5. Sitting here with 4 galaxy devices, 2 note 2s, S3, S4, Note 3, none will even attempt a connection to another,  s-beam is absolute shit. Fabrication, myth, does nothing, steaming pile of excrement.

  6. Android beam, actually, is a feature available on all android phones 4.0 (or 4.1, idk) and above. S beam is just the same thing but over WiFi instead of Bluetooth, so it's a bit faster. I hate how Samsung advertises this as if they invented it.

  7. Can someone help me? After the software update from 4.2.2 to 4.3 I cannot s beam anything from my GS4 to GS3. NFC and S-Beam are on, Nothing happens in the process of touching the phones together.

  8. you rock mark! I had no idea how to use it and didn't want to accidentally share nudy photos with my sister. Now it's all good and we're going to use all the time now! Thank you thank you!!

  9. Android beam is intended to work on devices that don't support Wifi Direct, so it uses bluetooth instead. I believe the reason that some (most?) devices don't support it is that Wifi Direct involves some firmware unpleasantry when you're already connected to a network. Since Samsung controls the hardware and firmware on their devices, they can add the necessary support.

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