The emotional moments when Capitals players reunited with their loved ones after the Stanley Cup win

The Washington Capitals won the Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history on June 7. Here’s how players reacted when they saw their family members right after the big win. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Here's my suggestion to all of those making negative comments on certain players. STOP!! If you can't say something nice about the organization, players, or their families, just refrain and don't post at all. Let the Caps enjoy the moment, and remember, Hockey is a team game, no matter what level it's played at. Some players don't have all of the necessary skills to get drafted by an NHL team. Some have potential, but need further development in lower leagues before moving up the ladder. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, the negative comments need to stop. Just learn to appreciate the fantastic playoffs and Stanley Cup win the Caps have provided by their "never quit" mentality.

  2. Honestly I feel like Lars Eller is the unspoken hero for the caps, yeah he didn’t’t put up mad points like Ovi, Kuzy, Backstrom, and Oshie, but when he did get his goals and assists, they were crucial to get Washington back in the game, to give them the lead in games, or to put the games out of reach for the opposite team, same this with DSP.

  3. Red Wings fan here, but I am happy, not only for Alex (as the best player of this era, he's well overdue), but for the Capitals franchise as a whole. For all of the great players that have passed through their ranks since 1974. This poor franchise only won 8 games in its first season. Then they suffered through a seven-period game only to come out on the wrong end of it in 1987. They were swept in four straight games by my Wings in 1998. Beyond that, they came up short so many times, so I am glad that they've finally got the Cup.

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