Should We Buy This For 33,000 Dollars..?

In this video, it’s time to move on to the next business idea after storage auctions. This is an entirely different type of auction with a lot more potential for a profit. But also a lot more potential to LOSE!!! Should we buy this for 33,000 dollars? Hope you enjoy.

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47 thoughts on “Should We Buy This For 33,000 Dollars..?

  1. I hope all goes well with this! I know you always end up getting yourself into some sort of mess when it comes to these situations!

  2. Yo Joe, even if you just film what you are doing in your life, it is still a continuing saga of your life after prison. You can make this work for as long as you want it to.

  3. you got to check the electricity. electricians are expensive. check the plumbing and the foundation. bylaw officers can cost you plenty. what is the land without the house worth?

  4. Joe if you have the money to buy the house for 33,000 and the $15,000 to fix it up and pay to get it inspected make sure you inspect it first by professional then I say yes go for it

  5. The amount of people that actually make it in the real estate business is minuscule compared to the ones that actually fail. They actually studied the market and didnt just dive into it like you are doing joe. Its like someone that doesnt know shit about cars but decides to open a mechanic shop, theres a big probability he is going to fail.

  6. Happy birthday to your wife Joe.. In the process of planning my wifes 50th… This is so awesome to see. Happy Thankagiving and Holiday Season… You are someone who is making it out here in the free world.. Keep it going you got this just like i have said it before….

  7. Be very very careful in the real estate business bro… What looks and may be a smart investment can turn out to be a fucking nightmare that bankrupts your ass… If you don't have it to work with bro don't do it… If you got 50K that you can throw in the trash can and not be hurting do it… If you're thinking about what's going to happen to you if it doesn't work out don't do it because you don't have it to lose…

  8. Don’t make a rookie mistake and over pay.. if they asking around 32 it should be 32k or lower.. They people selling already did the numbers so investors can make money on the deal. If you pay up to 40k you’ll end up not getting a good return.. there’s always a better deal down the road believe me on that.. but you got a solid one at 32.. what’s the rent for that area? Maybe 900 a month will be sweet return if you can get it rehab for 30k.. use good materials like luxury vinyl floors not the expensive stuff it will dig into your gains too much .. rent it and get a solid renter in there..flipping is good if you want to pay capital gains tax.. 35-40 percent at your bracket.. then you’ll need to find another deal and it can be more stressful than just renting

  9. you have to have the siding looked at tested you can't just say its what it is buy the way it looks I paint for a living and just because it looks like that don't mean it is asbestos .pluse it has to be air born for that kind to hurt you and you have to be around it for long periods of time .we paint it all the time. only thing if it is you have to properly pay to have it disposed of . you can just go over it with siding whatever its not always bad

  10. Joe the last place you looked at the ceiling was going to collapse. I don't think real estate is your game. I think you saw gelico fixing that other house and want him to fix it. Do not do the halfway house it will be nothing but a headache. I hope you're not fucked but it seems like your gonna barely break even or lose money.

  11. Good luck Joe, with everything you do if APS continues or not. You done well since coming out of prison and helping people start with a new life after addiction and prison good luck brother .✌️

  12. Congratulation show on buying the house hopefully there's no aspects of shingles on the side of the house because if that's has I supposed to shingles you can't cover it it'll cost $2000000 to have removed and any time you going to buy another house always going to the neighborhood late at night and see what's around and I don't care how nice it looks and another way you can find out is by calling the police department and see how many times that house had problems with the police department

  13. Might be a big mistake buying the cheapest possible house. But if you can do a lot of work yourself or get cheap labor, might actually not be so bad and you learn a lot for next time. Good luck

  14. Omg that's crazy never thought they build houses with a kitchen.. That's weird thing I've ever heard.. Find out something new everyday! I love your channel i don't want you guys to ever be over! When will u do another mail video… ❤

  15. Though I know you probably won't see this but why don't you start getting into the little real estate game as buy these houses fix them up and turn them into halfway houses for people that you're trying to help

  16. man always look when constructors do work constantly watch em or have a buddy looking over, they fuck shit up if they can make it overpriced trying to scam in every way possible

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