Someone Was Getting High In The House…

In today’s video, we go to the house to check on it and when we get there something was not right and I knew right away they were getting high in the house…

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Author: Rafael


45 thoughts on “Someone Was Getting High In The House…

  1. I'm late to this video. Joe, if you by some chance see this, you're not an idiot, man. That's common shit in construction. I'm a Safety Manager at a Steel Company that's been established for over 20 years and I have to deal with stuff like this. Man, I don't know how to contact you, but I've tried in the past. I don't need face or money. I want to see how I can help you with this. I'm a felon, going on 10 years married with kids on the right side. Don't loose your faith, man. What you do is awesome and I'd like to help you however I can. I have a career and not looking to profit anything. I do all our face to face coming in the door. I have the smallest gaming channel ever I do for hobby. Contact me there or on Facebook

  2. Damn it pains me seeing that house. I could've took vacation time and came helped you with a lot of that. I did a lot of remodeling before doing what I do now.

  3. Being in the business for as long as I have, I need to ask. What was Jelico's role? Why was he not out there with the guys he was entrusted to lead?

  4. Ol' Fool me ten times Joe Guerrero seems to lack observational skills. I wonder how he even survived prison. Ive been a long time viewer of the show. It sucks to see someone be so foolish after rooting for them, but hey if somehow it works and makes money in the end…more power to ya. If not, what the hell are you doing man?

  5. Jo are you honestly saying you dont know when people are high? Its a health and safety issue at that point. Just get em off your property. Pay em get em out and then dont get em back. No legit boss would allow workers to be high on their sites. at least not here they wouldnt. But i guess by how angry you were youve learned this now right?

  6. JOE,,,, I use to work in remodeling and had a crew of workers, I know truck drive locally , but one thing I’ve learned when I was remodeling was that u CAN NOT leave x addicts to work alone, unless that x addict is the main man of that crew cause he knows he is holding all responsibility, but just hourly workers being left alone never worked out for me! U can have 4 x addicts working somewhere But u MUST have a non addict u can trust at the job site working with them, i am an x addict myself and I remember how I use to be when I was working, man ,,, well JOE u can’t be so mad at the situation , just know that u can still try to do things the cheap way but u have to use someone that is working for the right reasons, anyways I wish u the best of luck on your flip house , my respects ,

  7. Joe you are addicted to the drama. Tighten up your circle hang out with people who are and have what and where you want to be in life. I'm not judging I can relate. When the pain got great enough I moved on.

  8. Bro, I wish I was out there in V.A. I'd love to come and work for you flipping houses. I can do pretty much anything, and it is so rewarding to me to see the finished product.

  9. Imagine finding out the house you just purchased was remolded by ppl high as a kite on hard drugs. Money and yt content shouldn't be the main priority.

  10. if someone looks high acts high staggering and slurring his speech he is high and he is lying his ass off saying he isn't even high he us in denial joe i hate you and rainy are going through these changes

  11. Joe I’m an HVAC with over 30 years experience. I did 7 years in the Feds and when I came home I helped a lot of house flippers install a/c systems, supply them with plumbers, electricians, drywall guys, finishers, etc. The problem I see you are having is you are NOT spending enough time overseeing this project. You don’t have enough experience in new construction, remodels, etc, that you don’t know how long it should take to do each and every step. You are dealing with contractors that are “sticking it to you” cause you know nothing of the all involved trades. I don’t say that to be mean but if you are gonna keep APS alive, you have to get someone on your team to develop, hire, fire, manage all of these different rough ins, flips, market, etc, all these different projects. Yes, it’s gonna cost and you will get better with these flips, bids, etc, but you will deal less and less with these unproductive addicts. Jelico SHOULD KNOW BETTER than bringing these active and recovering addicts to your projects. He’s not in recovery. A recovering addict refrains from using ANY mood and mind altering substances. Here he is admitting to bringing your guys some “fireball.” What kind of sheet is that? A drug is a drug is a drug. Stop enabling Jerhico and start distancing yourself from him. He’s in relapse mode and WILL come crashing down soon. Let him crash by himself. Shame on him.

  12. Bless your heart! You have done absolutely nothing wrong! You are trying to help people by helping them when they leave prison get the essentials they need and giving work to felons because you know yourself how hard it is to get a job as a convicted felon. Shame on them and anyone else who tries to blame you or make you feel bad for doing what you are doing to only try to help people and they shit on you.

  13. First and im Sorry Joe cause you're a great guy, but you are a terrible boss lol. If you suspect or know they are using you ask em once, if they don't fess up you say so your willing to take a drug test then? They say no you fire them, if they take the drug test and pop hot for any serious drugs you fire them.. there's a list of if you will "severity of mistakes" anywhere from 3 strikes your out to immediately being terminated.. if your first thought is maybe I should fire this guy, then you should fire him, if your thinking you need to shut down the project then you need to shut it down. Its okay to give someone chances, it really is. But there's certain mistakes that just shouldn't get second chances and that's most of the problem I'm seeing on your end. Your just to nice a guy and to forgiving and that dosnt go well with successful business, especially microbuissnes like your operation. 1 severe kink can be the dif between a good turn around and not making a profit or even loosing money on a flip as there's usually a pretty fine line

  14. Joe you have to to the nicest & most forgiving Man I’ve ever known. You go out of your way to try to help the ones that are looked down upon due to their record. Love your videos!

  15. Lol somehow that guy thought it was better to act like he was sleeping up there then pretend like he was working He didn't know what to do let me just act like I'm sleeping The boss won't mind that he'll understand I'm just taking a nap in the insulation wtf is wrong with these people. I had my own issues in life but being that stupid is a whole another level . That's like dumb criminals cops banging on the front door You act like oh I was in the shower I just came out of the shower yeah but it's not your house lol crazy.

  16. Bet when he went back up there he ditched whatever was on him just in case the cops showed up because you were doing all that screaming.

  17. I really hope that fools like that mess it up for others you try helping…people like that ruin it for people who would be appreciative and the people you are really trying to make a positive change what your are doing in promoting such positive change and good will is wonderful in do many ways!!

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