I Found Our Next Felon Flippers House…

I know we’re not even done with the first house yet. But is it too soon to start looking for our second felon flippers house? In this video, I want to share with you 3 potential houses that could be our next house! Let me know which one you think is the best.

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “I Found Our Next Felon Flippers House…

  1. A couple of quick updates. I've been talking to Rabbit today and he is feeling a little better. I was going to go see him today. But I got tied up at the flip house having to make another dump run. This one was worse than the first one. Also, the house is coming along. I've been there every day and today the drywall is getting finished and tomorrow begins the plasterwork. Slowly but surely we are getting the house sorted out. I wanted to switch gears a little bit with today's video and I hope its one you enjoy. All 3 of these houses I have been looking at. So I'm really looking forward to hearing what you think of them. Also, I have a bunch of banger prison videos in the bammer. We are going to run with some of those this week. I will be bringing a Rabbit update in a day or so. And also, an episode of Felon Flippers this week as well. Just want to make sure its some drastic improvements in that episode which there will be. Thank you all for being a part of APS. And I hope you enjoy today's video.

  2. Joe i watch aps all the time one thing to remember when buying or saleing is if you buy a house and try to make a huge profit its not gonna go well you gotta remember that millionaires become that way by buying and saleing. For small profit,makeing a couple grand per house is better than trying to sale for huge profit.
    Hope that makes since

  3. Dont please dont until you sell this house you might not come out on top with the first one since you hit a recession, stock market havent crashed as hard since 1929 but corona takes precedence..

  4. You know I used to really rock with this channel. These flipper videos are boring as shit. It sounds like Joe is running out of money but then has money to keep buying houses. Maybe the money isn't rolling in because this channel's ventures are lame.

    I really want to enjoy APS again. This isn't it.

  5. Also Joe you need to think about how big the tree is. The root system could cause foundation problems,plumbing, and gas line problems.

  6. That looks like a tear down. If that community is improving, it would be worth tearing down, and building a nice little house on a concrete slab. Otherwise, it's not worth it, in my opinion.

  7. Nice to see Joe's planning ahead for the next season of BS stories to make him more money. Jesus… I can't believe some of you still believe this channel is real! It's all a sham. lol

  8. From all of CANADA. Your show is really starting to suck Joe and people WILL stop watching if you don't stick to the prison stories. You'll see.

  9. Your buying to flip not for yourself, get something that’s popular like a 3 bed 2 bath that needs some paint and has holes in the walls. And fancy it up by making it move in ready cheap

  10. You must be making hella money on YouTube because you damned sure ain't making it in the ghetto. Well unless you got a job on the corner.

  11. There are discussions of stimulus packages for people because of the pandemic. So many folks are out of work or losing their investments in the stock market. Is this really the best time to try to sell HOUSES to folks who are so low on income that the govt is actually considering handing out checks soon? Cmon Joe. Give it a bit of a rest. I say you do what you can to unload this one and then take a break. When things get better you can start jumping back into some of your crazy project ideas. Right now this just seems foolish. =/

  12. Bro it’s obvious that the second house you showed you said you saw new cabinets in the kitchen and somebody was obviously trying to fix the house but you don’t know what happen.

    it’s simple bro it was Bryan and he left it high and dry again.

  13. Joe, pretty soon you'll be flipping your own house when that divorce goes through… And… 0.08 of an acre is not 1/8… It's around 1/12th

  14. Come on me.joe , i been painting and remodeling for 20 years you need to stop hiring those fly by night contracts ..I live in cols,ohio not really to far from you . lol

  15. Joe, that house is worth $39.99 and that’s it!!!! It’s not worth the headache!!!!! Your right it’s only for the guy who wants to doze it and rebuild. Stay away please from this nightmare money pit!!!! Peeeeaaaccce!!!!

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