Fitness Trackers: Do They Really Work?

Full post: | Fitness trackers are devices that track our calories, our steps, our heartrate and more. But is this enough to really help us lose weight and get fitter? Just how accurate are they? And how can we make the most of them? This video will explain all.

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Author: Rafael


50 thoughts on “Fitness Trackers: Do They Really Work?

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  2. I am about to stop using mine. Partly because i get crazy over the sleep log as it DOESN'T WORK. It at times tells me i was sleeping whiler i was eating my breakfast and sometimes tells me that i was awake when i was sleeping as best. :p

  3. It's a fad. After using it for 2 or 3 weeks you stop actively checking steps and heart rate. I used the HR and then gave it second chance with the Charge 2. I was nothing more than another watch to tell time. I heard a wise quote that what these watches do is make you check your watch and open your Fitbit app more often to meaninglessly check. When you start opening useless apps on your phone, you know you're wasting time. Fitness trackers doesn't make you workout harder, or lose more weight. It's a temporary fashion trend that will not last, it will plateau in features very soon. This year it music control and payments, I can't think of anything they can input next year.

  4. Wait a minute, is that you in the footage?!🙄 youre so ripped!🔥 Btw thanks for the info I need it for a research paper and yes! I just read the 4-hr body you and Tim have a good point on just pick one devise and use that. Anyway, side note: watching you sit down and talk to the audience for part of the video would be enjoyable as well (maybe you do that already)

  5. In my personal experience, no. It is not accurate enough for precise and detailed information. For a general idea, and a basic grasp of what’s going on, sure. But for an experienced person who knows what they’re looking at, it is simply not good enough.

  6. Damn didn't know that dude was in shape.
    Isn't taking taking a little of testosterone booster isn't bad? I feel in older folks or someone in their 30's could have good use. Aid in healing a injury quicker etc

  7. The easiest way to see if you are losing weight, are you hungry after eating healthy at the end of the day. If you are, you are likely going to be losing weight, if not you are likely eating to much or just the right amount.

  8. 9:03 I concur

    I think just by having some sort of fitness tracker and get motivated to exercise is a good enough reason to own one. When I had my Note 4, I find myself being "challenged" by the S Health notifications. It resulted in me getting good sleep hours, I worked out a lot, and drank water a lot.

  9. I have a question regarding building muscle masses.

    Now I have diabetus type 1 and I use insulin on a daily basis. I also have acne on my body due to what I believe is caused by too much testosterone and a inbalance of my bloodsugar in my body.

    Doing fitness will obviously benefit me on many levels, but my concern is to build a better shaped body and more importantly being fit in general. Do you think this Insulin that I use which does contain testosterone and some steroids (at least that‘s what my doctors say) in combination with my already high level of natural testosterone in my body could result on a abnormal fast physical change or improvement when I do fitness?

    Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.

  10. I have an opinion, you were that kid that were betaen in school every day by those bulling m….. f……, sorry man, and then you decided to go lift and eat that mega mass s…, and other proteines I hope, so you become a brick that have probs when running cause of a overgrown chest.. But those false friendly bullers keep well away from you now.. Acomplyshed..

  11. I think it's all mental. People want to be able to see their progress. Like do the progress bars of your downloads help the download? No, but people like feedback. They like to see visually what's going on. Same with all music players showing the the duration of a song and how long until it's finished. We live in a world where everyone needs to see that visual progress amongst almost everything in our lives.

  12. Everybody knows that wristbased heartrate tracking is incredibly inaccurate, unless you're sitting still. Fix your diet, that's where the magic is.

  13. I think it helps me see when I'm slacking. For example, I use google fit to track my distance & steps at work. When i lost my job, I could at least get out & walk to match my activity level when I WAS working to maintain my weight. I dont care about calories or heart rate, or ant of that crap.

  14. I use the Amazefit bip to gps track my runs. The gps tracking is quite good and it motivates me to run further than what I did yesterday. So in that way its very helpful. The heart rate measurement is not very accurate but it gives me a rough idea of where I stand and thats okay with me because I run just for fitness and nothing more.

  15. whats with the weird filters in the video? Looks very unnatural. Do you really think adding more chromatic aberration to video really helps? very bad quality of video and looks cheap to me

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