1998 Ford Contour Alternator Replacement #FixingItForward

This video shows the diagnosis and replacement of an alternator on a 1998 Ford Counter. I believe it’s called a Mondeo in the UK.

It’s tricky business. It’s very difficult to access the fasteners for the alternator. It’s also difficult to get to the belt tensioner. So if you tackle this job, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time. I found it easier to use long extensions and universals to access the fasteners.

Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to complete the repair.

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Camera: Brian Kast

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Bendpak Lift: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vE_DXU9toes

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23 thoughts on “1998 Ford Contour Alternator Replacement #FixingItForward

  1. I'm having the same problem I just changed my battery and put new terminals..and light still comes on flashes on and off..so I'm thinking it's the alternator..so I'm ready to sale this car..lol

  2. Same as the mondeo v6 in the uk. Just for reference if anyone is changing an alternator on one of these v6 engines, best way I have found to remove the top bolt is to use long extensions from the gearbox end front wheel well. You can get straight along the back of the engine on the top bolt. Extensions need to be 1/2 or thicker or they will twist and make cracking the bolt harder. Great job and great videos

  3. Who puts an alternator all the way down there? The location may have contributed to the damage. The wheel may have flung something up that hit the thing.

  4. Wow!! What a strange switch on this particular ford. The alternator is hard to get too. But the fuel simple to get too. Because it's in the back seat. When other fords, such as the Tauruses and vehicles that looks pretty much like the alternator is easy access while the fuel pump is quite alot of labor to get too. Because that part is under the car.

  5. I own a '98 Ford Contour with the 2.5L six. I'm on my fourth alternator and always dreaded the process. The last time the alternator went out was on the way to work and I had to be towed two blocks to a garage. I didn't have time to do the job myself. The alternator just went out a few weeks ago and now that I'm retired I decided to do the job myself using your wheel well procedure. What a time saver! I did have trouble getting to the bolts so I removed the Y exhaust pipe. We don't have salted roads here so the Y pipe was easy to remove. It was a pleasure not having to remove the axle. I'm going to do the oil pan gasket next. Thank you!

  6. Thank you mr. Eric, with help of this video I was able to replace the alternator on my '99 Mondeo. It really helps to see beforehand what you have to do to get it out. Note that you do not have to take the powersteering and stuff off, it can all be done from beneath and through the right wheelwell.The tensioner can be gotten to with a 3/8 rattlewrench, there's a square hole in it so you can put the 3/8 in and release the tension. Whole thing took me 4 hours with lots of extensions for the wrench and 2 angle connectors. It's actually not that bad if you know what to do, which is where this video came in. Again, Thanks!!!

  7. I'm facing this monster right now. Alternator died on my 1999 Mondeo Stationwagon. Normally I'd do this in no-time at all, Ford line-4's are like cracking open a beer. Used to work on 70's Taunus (Cortina in UK) and 2 Litre Sierra's. Those were fun. Swap an SIerrra 2L into a 1.6 Taunus in an afternoon, those were the days!
    Still I love the old tank, it's supercomfy, excellent for long autobahndrives @ 170km/h and pulls big trailers with no effort. The engine, despite being way too big for the bay it lives in, is a gem. It's supersmooth, revs like a racing engine and gets you there very, very fast. It's a bit of a gas guzzler but the nice thing is that it uses just as much gas doing 170 as when it's in city traffic.
    It's also a great driver's car, handling is brilliant. Confirmation of this can be seen in the "Death of the Cortina" episode of Grand Tour, the car that they agreed upon being the nicest, most universally likeable one ever was a Mondeo St220 2.5 v6. Basically the same car except the engine is tuned higher. Mine is a 2.5l V6 Ghia, same engine but tuned lower and much more luxurious inside. They really are fine machines, despite the fact they're impossibly cramped to work on.
    So I'll bite the bullet, get the required tools and follow this fantastically good video.
    Thank you so much Eric, now i've seen how it's done I'm confident it's possible to save a zillion bucks and DIY.

    Spiders are nice, they eat muskitos by the hundreds so if you leave 'm there you'll never get bit by a muskito in your car.
    I'd be supermad if you removed my army of 8-legged friends from my car. They're there for good reason and earned the right to live there, kind of a symbiotic benificial agreement.

  8. Hey what is the fixing it forward fund? What is that? Tell me? Also do the latch do the ford 98 hood latch do it thanks dude

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