Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9 l ABC News

Criminal defense attorney Phillip Hamilton discusses the dispute over what George Floyd said while pinned down by police and the position of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd.

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34 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin trial enters Day 9 l ABC News

  1. The pathologist, the medical examiner, MD rich(cardiologist), lung and breathing MD corbin
    all state that floyd died from "positional afixiation" from the weight of the three icops on
    his back and neck. Dr Rich was a great witness, he gave a detail seminar in cardiology,
    and how the heart works and how to have a healthy heart and how the heart compensates
    for illness. Everyone should listen to Dr Rich's tesimony: Essentialy What causes heart
    attacks and heart damage and how to avoid it. Dr rich opinion: NO HEART ATTACK,

  2. chovins lawyer now looks pathetic and foolish, trying to sell the drug death theory or
    his second theory that floyd died from a heart attack. The cardiologisgt MD Rich,
    blow those theories out of the water.

  3. I hear all these analysis of each and every point, testimony and evidence but the focus has not been on the fact that no matter what, It comes down to those 11 people which historically has been founded that no matter how strong or weak a case is. Those jurors are the fact finders and all it takes is one to either way to destroy this trial in the end. Down through the years we in america have seen people walk that should not have and those that were even put to death that were innocent. It has long been said that in America your promised a trial but not a perfect one. Best example. The first Rodney King trial. It may happen again and, I say. Put up fuel, food and protection because this trial may destroy this country.

  4. Has anyone seen Steven Crowder demonstrate being in the same prostrate position on the ground with a cop simulating the same positioning and application of the knee, same spot? Very interesting. He goes the exact same amount of time on the ground-9 to 10 minutes. Obviously Crowder is still alive…

  5. Recall Chauvin and George were working as security guards at the club where they “crossed paths?” Chauvin. “intent to kill Floyd.” We don’t have to make changes, wonder what we could have done or how to do things better. Chauvin raised his feet and balanced his weight on Floyd’s neck. I noticed he was holding Floyd’s fingers, but I would not realize that NUMSKULL was applying extra pain and suffering.🇯🇲🤔🤭😥

  6. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right.

    Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945.

    Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  7. Let's pretend George Floyd actually said, "I ate too many drugs." Well, that is damning evidence on its own. Now, let us pretend he actually said, "I ain't do any drugs." Well, we know your lying dude cause we have the toxicology report in which case it is reasonable to believe all previous statements of not being able to breathe were also lies.

  8. To people who are intimidated because they fear riots if Chauvin is found innocent: Only time will tell & we'll know soon. BLM leaders are mostly old Black Panthers (remember their motto? – 'If we can't get it by the ballot then we'll get it by the bullet'). Since then, BLM has finally realized that rioting is counter-productive. Because public opinion toward BLM becomes increasingly disgusted with them – but not with the millions of Winner black people who obey laws just like the rest of us.
    ….. Skin color is decided by GOD – But God gave each of us 'Free Choice' incl. whether we will obey laws or not. BLM are Losers when they Riot. Conservatives have dozens of great black people who want nothing to do with their Loser BLM 'Brothers'. BLM motto alone is proof of their stupidity ("Black Lives Matter" – Of course they matter – Just like Air matters…. Water matters…. Food matters.) IMO All lives matter EXCEPT the lives of criminals. Our country is the only country on Earth that treats some of their own law-abiding citizens worse than they treat actual criminals. – Just lock them up and make them earn their 3 squares and their bed cot – or let them rot.

  9. Yall to damn smart to not know what asphyxiation is lol.. cant no drugs cause asphyxiation.. asphyxiation is called by pressure being applied restricting a person from being able to breathe properly and normally.. cant no drugs sit on a persons neck

  10. Since when have news shows come out showing one side favoritism…. let the justice system do it’s job, if he’s guilty then talk about it… but until them don’t pair chauvin as guilty until a verdict is read as guilty

  11. Everyone knows that if Chauvin is not convicted of murder , Americas cities will be burned to the ground and the jurors lives will be in grave danger.
    The jury knows it.

  12. Thank God that George Floyd spit the homemade heroin pills into the police cruiser instead of the street. Imagine if a kid picked them up. They would most likely overdose. The drug dealer friend who plead the 5th needs to be charged as an accessory in this case, not the other officers . This guy was ravaging the city with homemade dope for God knows how long.

  13. Now I know why I had such a hard time finding a legitimate doctor to treat my opiate addiction . These people are clueless as to how fentanyl works as far as tolerance, and when combined with other drugs . Trace amount is not relevant. These are either some really evil people trying to deceive you, or they are clueless as to how opiates & opioids affect your brain. I searched their Linked in profiles to read up on their educational background . They are all very well educated doctors , so I don't get it. The defense isn't saying George Floyd overdosed on fentanyl , or any specific drug for that matter. They are just saying it could have contributed to his death , and that he was not murdered by officer Chauvin.

  14. Drugs makes it okay for cops to murder someone? White people need to rethink this one: Whites are the most hooked on drugs period cops will start hurting you as well if Chauvin gets away with this murder.

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