Derek Chauvin’s defense team cross-examines Lt. Johnny Mercil

The defense questioned the circumstances of the use of force and neck restraints.


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39 thoughts on “Derek Chauvin’s defense team cross-examines Lt. Johnny Mercil

  1. Holding down a person when you are taking his life away ?? am just fed up with all the bullshit and lies this lawyer can come up with it would be good to ask the lawyer him self to have three officers on his body and one knee on his neck for over nine minuts and see if that wouldn't kill him

  2. This lawyer is a real manipulator and the officer should not have responded yes to holding down a person for that amount of time to control ?? what is there to control when they are not resisting ??

  3. So he followed the standard training routine while the guy died of an OD on the ground. Yup, Mr. Chauvin should be set free as he did the job exactly as he was supposed to. Sucks George died, but he's the one who chose to OD on meth and fentynil. Oh well, he chose his actions and caused this entire issue. Stop defending a criminal.

  4. The defense just got the witness to admit that he himself, a senior officer, and other officers have done similar techniques under similar circumstances, and it was approved policy. This shows Chauvin's technique was reasonable for restraining a suspect. That's all the law requires, was it reasonable under the circumstances. The law says that takes precedent over all the Monday morning quarterbacking from the experts, because they were not there in the thick of it all.

  5. Don't know why the defence is so focused on how he was being held. Whether it was a "legal" position they had him held down heavily for far too long! He was begging for his life n not once did they try n rectify this. He was handcuffed and under control and they still didn't let off when he went silent and the paramedic had to force them to move. So he is 100% guilty of his death and if he's found not guilty ill b shocked

  6. We've put up with so many destructive riots and protests here over the span of 10 months. Please no more destruction to our cities. Start boarding windows now….

  7. What a fantastic cross by Nelson. That combined with his cross of Nicole MacKenzie he has converted two prosecution expert witnesses into assets for the defense. He did such a good job with MacKenzie that the prosecutors said they will now treat her as a defense witness. Hilarious. Today he took apart yet another prosecution witness in Stiger. This trial should be ended by the judge. It's clear the state's case has been destroyed. They can't even come up with any proven cause of death.

  8. Guys Ya know the amount of Love Jesus has for you is Unimaginable So just accept him as your Lord and Savior so we will a meet him in heaven.

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  9. I've read a lot of comments about how Floyd was a dirt bag and now is off the streets. Did the cops ever ID Floyd and know who he was and see his past record? I dont recall this happening. I think the first two cops showed up to cup foods and had the manager point him out then the struggle ensued. When Chauvin showed up he instantly jumped in the mix. I dont even recall any questions being asked of the store clerks or manager prior to engagement with Floyd.

  10. The whole i cant breath narrative has been totally debunked. Christ he said it multiple times in the back of squad car, “ i cant breath put me on the floor” . He was suffering an overdose. The officer is guilty of not recognising this, but not murder 2nd degree.

  11. maybe the whole department should be sued for this horrible policy then. Besides, I don't know about anyone else but I clearly remember seeing the officers knee across this mans neck as he smiled for the camera. So EFF your dang stills! P.S. : I am not in the US and I am white.

  12. Why don't you show it all? People need to go and watch the whole video. It is very sad that this man died, but if he would have listened to the police like the other people in the car he would be alive just like them. This is a big man putting up a lot of resistance. The officers restrained him, all he had to do was call down and listen. The officers did a great job of trying to give him the benefit of the calming down. But bottom line George resisted. Very sad that the media only shows these snipits of footage and not the truth. Why don't you show George fighting, when all he had to do was listen!

  13. This is not factual evidence! “Does it appear to be?” The defense says, “this is a little hard to see.” I also do not think this witness would say hold body weight, on the neck! The on the neck is nothing any reasonable person or reasonable officer.

  14. Where is mr Floyd’s attorney & why didn’t he object to leading the witness ?
    This attorney made sure to take his time & go real slow – over & over to hypnotize the witness’s at this trail
    I feel like I’m watching a magic act at Vegas ..

  15. Watch Lane's bodycam for yourself and you'll see exactly what the defense is doing. They only pulled frames from after Chauvin shifted the position of his knee to allow the EMT to take Floyd's pulse. The knee WAS on Floyd's neck until then.

  16. If he was trained!! he would have never did that foolish move.look at him now he's got to pay the penalty for it killing George Floyd..

  17. God will make sure to get these ppl for even coming here to make it seems as if this was not a crime.. like this was not hate and murder caught on tape we get to see just how ppl have killed so many ppl and they know they can get away with it this is bogus and it will be hell to pay

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