How To Assemble Pistons & Rings

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Properly assembling your pistons before installation is critical to the life of your engine. If you don’t get it right, the results can be catastrophic.

Kevin Frische has been doing this work a long time. In fact, he taught performance engine building at UNOH for several years. In this video, Kevin shows us how he assembles pistons in a performance application like #DarkMatterPikachu.

If you’d like to know more about how to properly gap piston rings, check out this video:

My pistons and rotating assembly:

Thanks to Kevin Frische for his help in this video.

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Engine Details

Displacement: 363cid

The Block:

The Crank:

The Heads:
Compression: 8.9:1

The Cam: Comp Cams custom grind: 222@.050″ 222@.050 .357″lobe lift .571″ valve lift (1.6 rocker) .351″ lobe lift .562″ valve lift (1.6 rocker) 114º separation 4ºadvance

Modified: Edelbrock Performer RPM intake

The Carburetor:

The Distributor:

The Ignition:

The turbo Kit:

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29 thoughts on “How To Assemble Pistons & Rings

  1. Greetings and thanks for the video.
    But now then, I thought whatever crank you guys discussed would come with the recommended thickness bearings or atleast information warning to avoid such an issue in advance, no?

  2. I commented the same thing about ring pliers on another video, by another channel, the guy claims that you damage the rings like that…The builder I worked for, was 70 years old, had 50 years of experience, and Built Race engines that won NASCAR/NHRA/IHRA Events and Championships and he never used the ring pliers… (I have seen rings BENT with pliers – And Broken, and they were not over extended!)

  3. Ima be changing the pistons and piston rings on a 2004 1.8 vw Jetta soon, I was watching a video on it and it said that I can do it by just taking off the head, dropping the oil pan and pushing the old pistons out thru the top, would this really work?

  4. Is it necessary to put the right face of the piston ring, did it have the right side, like the one with letter need to be facing upward or else? Or any side is the same?

  5. Anyone have trouble when getting pistons and ring sets half the rings are to small the ring gap is way over book sectsaphations , say you just had a bore 10 over 3.508.5 piston is 3.505 , ring gap should be 16th 22th . But your gap is at .034 on half the rings and rings with a gap of 19th you stick in the bore that had 34 the gap is back to 19th so you know it is the rings not the bore . I have and sent back 2 sets so far never cut the ring gap . if I had keep both sets I could have finished the job . I told the seller ship me .020 over rings and I will trim them myself the 20 over are .518 he is telling me they will not work . im sick of having a huge fight over the rings . I think someone stuck Stock rings in the 10 over bin to be a A$$ stock bore is 3,494 .

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  7. To heat the wrist pin area of a connecting rod to expand the rod 2 insert the piston wrist pin is bad practice as the applied Heat well remove the hardening temper of the connecting rod at that point and will weaken the tensile strength the the wrist pin can be frozen submerged and liquid nitrogen and then pressed in using a Arbor press that's why it's called a press-fit rather than a slip it by heating metal it's already hardened you well remove hardness temper at that point we were taught 2 replace connecting rod that were discovered do have blue spots because the the rod had been overheated because of lack of oil and is no longer serviceable remember a press-fit is not a slip we are also taught to never apply Heat to the spindle knuckles the front spindle assemblies remove tie rod end that is why they Supply removing forks buy Heating the knuckles you will weaken the metal and will be prone to break

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