How To Replace A Clutch and Flywheel Mini Cooper S (R56)

This video shows you how to replace the clutch and flywheel on a Mini Cooper S (R56). This information will also apply to clutch replacement in general if you’re looking for some tips and tricks for that.

The engine and transmission have been removed from the vehicle in this video. Here is a video showing how to remove the engine and transmission. NOTE: You do not have to remove the engine and transmission to replace the clutch on this vehicle. However, for me, it did make things a lot easier. Given that I was also doing other work to the engine, it made sense for me to remove them.

Mini Cooper Engine Removal (R56/N14):

Also helpful, Mini Cooper S (R56) Front End Removal:

Here is the clutch replacement in written form with torque specs:

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Detroit Tuned Clutch Kit:

Just the clutch kit:

Just the dual mass flywheel:

Transmission fluid (You’ll need 2 quarts):

Rear Main Seal:


Engine Support/Holder:

Timing Chain Tools (Includes flywheel holder):


Torque Wrench:

Torque Angle Gauge:

Long Breaker Bar:

Ingersoll Rand 3/8″ Impact:

1/4” Milwaukee Driver:

Zep Brake Clean Sprayer:

Honda Urea Grease:

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Author: Rafael


48 thoughts on “How To Replace A Clutch and Flywheel Mini Cooper S (R56)

  1. That's BS about not being able to change the Gen 2 R56 from a dual to single mass!!! I just pulled my daughter's clutch and guess what? Previous owner had already done it!! Rockauto Luk clutch kit + single mass flywheel = about $210….you paid $1300 for a dual mass set up…that's ridiculous. The guy you spoke to you could tell you weren't a Mini expert as you say….

  2. Right thumb on flywheel…bad form. The rest is good. Don't even think about contamination of the friction surface. You need to pretend you're doing surgery in a hermetically sealed lab!!!

  3. It is strange why they don't include an alignment tool with the kit. I had the same issue and resorted to using one of my other alignment tools with tape wrapped around the pilot end to center it. Not perfect but it worked. Oh and don't put that disc in backwards! It will jamb against the guide tube for the release bearing and then things get very difficult to take apart. Yes, I managed to do this…:(

  4. From 2016 to 2018 … I owned a 2011 Mini Cooper S…. I got it at 44,000 mi and it was one owner and very clean. I liked it a lot… BUT … during the time I owned it, I had 3 check engine lights…limp in mode twice…. it just could not stay out of the shop. My opinion of these , is they are designed to suck money out of the owners… and well designed at that.. The $1300.00 clutch kit only furthers my belief. I could buy a new one every year if I wanted, but I don't believe in literally throwing my money away. Screw that. You can see my vid of me and my Mini if anyone cares to. I was following a semi at 80 some mph at night on I -90 .

  5. They've had single mass conversions since at least 2013 btw, but I think was only OS Giken and maybe clutchmasters mainly. Now there are a few kits using Aasco flywheels that can use stock non-sprung discs, or few others using slightly different but similar flywheels that use custom disc and pressure plates for different clamping pressure, etc. Depending on what country you live, there also seem to be preferred smaller outlets providing OEM swaps like Aasco's. I've found 2-3 manufacturers in US and handful of others around the world, but Mini owners typically exist to be milked for profit so they'd rather you buy a 'custom' kit for 1400 than get the flywheel for 400 and standard clutch kit for 200 😀

  6. Dang I wish I had my own garage so I could properly do work on my mini, there’s only so much you can do on the side of the road or on a very sloped drive way lol, good video btw

  7. I swear they need to get off their high horse…. 1300 bucks for a clutch kit and flywheel…. those cars are not worth to much more than that in my opinion…. I mean heck,i bought an 06 supercharged Mini Cooper at the sales which was a one-owner car for $2000… most shops, a clutch kit replacement like that could cost upwards of $2,000 …. sheesh….. of course I don't know what you charge but some shops really stick it to you… and why would they change something that has worked for what, over a hundred years.. I mean for over a hundred years a clutch has been pretty simplistic…Springs in the disc or a racing clutch, no Springs… why the hell do they think it would be better to change it over to something so stupid expensive that if you had a Mini Cooper with over 200,000 miles you may as well just crush it…. the reason this pisses me off so much is I just acquired an 07 turbocharged Mini Cooper that has a bad clutch,throwout bearing through the pressure plate and I dang sure will not spend $1,300 on a clutch kit… hell no not happening… good thing the car was gave to me because the guy that had it didn't want to fix it….. you obviously can see why… because of idiocy… have been a mechanic for over 26 years and I swear sometimes I'd like to punch those Engineers right through the skull …I wonder sometimes if they can even wipe their asses… lol rant over…. lol…😁

  8. Where is the zero position gear sensor on the gearbox please? Auto stop/start isn't working because of it but cannot find much info on it….. any advice or help?

  9. Eric, great video. I just got a 2009 R56 Minc JCW and it has 77k miles. The clutch pedal engagement point is very close to the end of travel so I'm assuming my clutch is near time for replacement. It has never received a walnut blast to the intake system and I'm assuming I should change my chain guides etc. I noticed you removed your engine to do all these jobs – having done this – is it worth this extra step or should I do all these jobs with the engine installed ? If it's better just to take the engine out, what other jobs should I consider doing while I have easy access ? Thanks !

  10. fu engineers my clutch + dmf was already broken at 58 k KM ……pff costed me 1500 euro, going buy a dam automatic next i own a 2014 cooper 1.5 turbo

  11. The most think i’m afraid about car mechanic is all this tools you have. I know is so expecive and you have a tool for everythink.

  12. clutches in the uk very rarely come with a flywheel alignment tool but I got a valeo clutch and flywheel for £520 for the same mini so it seems a lot cheaper than you're $1300. we have a universal alignment tool that we use.

  13. Engine rebuild, new turbo, new clutch and one bad spark plug. 200$ later. New coil packs, new plugs. found the culprit. Other issues, wrong MAP sensor, one hose clamp left off. Found that pretty quick. Good job on the clutch, torque settings, alignment, install.

  14. Hello. Love ur videos. My transmission exploded on my 2003 mini cooper r50 (5 speed midlands). My mechanic has a 6 speed conversion kit for 2700$. Would u recomend it? My concern is 1- reliability down the road. 2- will the performance get better or worse? Thank u.

  15. Please help… I don't think I replaced the part from 9:009:30 correctly bc the long rectangular plate (i do not know what it is called) is 1 1/2" deep in the whole, and I think the plate should be touching the inside wall. Thanks

  16. I just bought a used 2007 mini Cooper 6 speed hatchback. This past summer of 2018. I'm from a small town and the shop that was going to fix it a mechanic got hurt and will b out for 2 months. I have been without my car for a month now. No one wants to work on it bc of the labor it takes to get it fixed. I've become very upset and don't know what to do? I put a lot of cash into buying that car! What do I do???? Anyone???

  17. Whyyyy can't I find a cheaper clutch kit for this damn car?
    DMF is stupid.
    Can get SMF conversions all day for $300-$500 for Gen 1…
    I need a clutch but I'm not a neurosurgeon, so I guess I'll just drive until it slips so bad I can't move.

  18. You have to be pretty careful of the Clutch fork in the Mini. I have an 2010 R56 S which at the time had 117,000 KM on it and one day I couldn't get it in gear. Bought it brand new clutch and single mass fly wheel expecting that to be the problem. When my mechanic opened her up he found a broken clutch fork which was bent to the point that it couldn't push the clutch spring anymore. Love my mini, but the engine is a nightmare.

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