Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Preview!

Andrew gives us our first look at the brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus! Get to know the GS8 and GS8 Plus’s Bigger screens, a taller aspect ratio, redesigned software, a desktop dock and the new Bixby AI!

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Author: Rafael


35 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S8 Hands-On Preview!

  1. I'm liking the DeX setup, something I'd definitely tinker with. Does DeX feel smooth or is there some lag? Andrew, you did a great job on the video. Android Central was the first site I started pouring over before I got my first smartphone in 2011 (Motorola Bionic) and it continues to be. Keep it up! 😀

  2. Squarecles aren't so bad. Maybe not the color. I personally like my icons to look uniformed which is why I use icon packs. I'm a little concerned that those who own the original icons are saying that people who create icons packs are stealing their designs. Which means that icon packs may go away and we will be stuck with ugly icons. I can't imagine having the original Verizon messaging app icon, for instance, on my screen, it's beyond ugly. Most, if not all icons on Google Play are hideous. Balx, Vintage, Moko, Merus, have kept me happy by beautifying my phone. Don't want mishaped, poorly designed, icons taking over my screen. The original creators should be happy that someone is taking the time to make their ugly icons look good.

  3. Lol, this isn't targeted towards "the general consumer that just wants to walk into the store and get a great phone". The general consumer want the best bang for their buck, and they won't get that with the S8 which is a top of the line phone and has a premium price.

    You seriously think that a regular person just looking for a great phone is going to waltz into a store and spend over $600 on a phone?

    This is a premium phone.

  4. "There are only gonna be 2 top end phones that are actually gonna matter this year"…… Are you fucking kidding me? Dumbass statement.

  5. Not happy about this at all. Bezel-less looks cool but is trash. Rant incoming:
    1) Any intelligent smartphone owner should have a case on their phone. Why buy a $500 (if not more) phone and not protect it? This leads into phone aesthetics: Why make phones look all pretty and gold and glossy, with no removable battery, if you SHOULD be putting a case on it? It won't be that visible!
    2) With it being bezel-less, and all the idiots not using cases "because my phone looks pretty blah blah blah", its going to fracture in one drop (even if you do have a case on). You can have Gorilla Glass 69420911 and its not going to stop it from being partially fucked up.
    3) The removal of a physical home button is terrible. I don't trust a software button, in case it glitches out or the screen cracks the button location (see above). Home buttons are reliable and I haven't had any issues with one before. Now on HTC phones… don't get me started.
    4) Finger print sensor on the back? Might as well have gotten rid of it then. Especially on the S8+ because the phone is so massive (coming from a guy with big hands…)
    All in all, the phone is cool looking, and very nice. I get Samsung needs to move forward to continue profit but I think this was too drastic a move since their Note 7 issue and should have played it safe. Ill stay with my Note 4 (which is probably their best phone BTW!) for a while. First the Note 7 issue now this new line up? 🙁
    End rant

  6. That fingerprint sensor placement is beyond stupid. Who in gods name thought an off center scanner next to the camera lens was a good spot? Finger smudges on my camera lens are awesome for photos said no one ever. Not a fan of the curved edges either. The S8+ is going to look pretty silly with how tall it ill be as well.

    LG G6 it is then.

  7. same amount of ram huh…what a shock. I don't see how 4gb is enough, I feel as if this phone is just made to acquire i-phone users, instead of actually increasing the previous Samsung devices' performance. Id rather have my phone work more efficient and for longer on better hardware than just buying a phone more focused on aesthetics.

  8. My thoughts:
    1. Lockscreen reminds me on Sony clock
    2. Fingerprint sensor should not be directly next to the camera
    3. The Body is really stylish but for me a phone with nearly fullscreen and edges is impractical to use and hold
    4. The Ui looks fresh and it is nice that THEY finally said goodbye to the outdated Kitkat navigation bar icons and a pre-kitkat homescreen launcher (with the set square appdrawer-icon). The Pixel-style appdrawer is much more modern.
    5. I think it is weird that they now have their own navbar icons instead of the original ones.. that feels kinda like "oh look we are not Android" (same thing with the Samsung-Emoji)
    6. Is is disappointing that it does not release with Android 7.1.. At least the OS should be up to date when a device is new…

    Man, I wish Samsung would release some devises that are more true to stock Android with more Material Design elements. Many Apps would feel much more integrated..

    I hope the Google Pixel 2 will be something spectacular too hardwarewise (and Android 8.0 softwarewise)

    I think the Google Pixel is more the Android counterpart for the Iphone (in software of course)

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