Snapdragon 850 could power foldable Windows phone – Google Neighbourly – Smartphone Addiction

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Jayce talks about this week’s Android news!

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Author: Rafael


49 thoughts on “Snapdragon 850 could power foldable Windows phone – Google Neighbourly – Smartphone Addiction

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  2. You would not freak out if you Lose a many dollars object ? A good smartphone today is expensive and take a lot of time of your life to work and buy it , its the same thing that you say : if you lost 700 dollars you will freak out ? OF COURSE ! Unless its free like many of the youtubers got their phones any person that loses their phones will freak out. that dosent mean this is a problem.

  3. I'm addicted to phone and my PC…..i use phone for chatting and instagram and twitter mostly…but, i use laptop for everything…. i can't live without laptop…. i'm addicted and i am trying not to use laptop and phone always…. hope microsoft will also provide a tool to stop addiction into windows 10

  4. Yes, smartphone addiction is absolutely insane. I have had people walk into me because they are walking and texting, surfing the web/social media, whatever and they dont even respond to walking into me they just keep going like nothing happened. Like a zombie walking around with no aim or goal in the real world…. and I am a pretty big guy so its not like im hard to see….. People are more worried about whats happening on their phone than directly in front of them. It has reached epidemic levels in my opinion…. Texting and driving, text and walking across a busy street while with their children, texting while eating, whatever…. the phone is ALWAYS IN THERE FACE

  5. I definitely have a phone addiction lol I'm always on my phone. As for the foldable windows device, I think that would be cool. Although I've been looking at the new gpd win 2 as a possible new portable windows device. It's more for gaming which I've been using my phone for recently but want to get away from. I'm interested to hear your thoughts on this since you can run android os on it.

  6. even if it will be usefull that feature, on the iPhone you will have it in September but on android maybe never, just if you buy a new phone that runs android P….

  7. Yeah I'd definitely panic about losing my phone too haha. It contains a lot of information and useful daily features (GPS for example), plus how else would I contact people that I can't see in the daily?

  8. Asus ROG is the king of smartphone in 2018. It is the fastest innovative & futuristic gaming smartphone ever made. I just wish that ASUS add NVIDIA Tegra processor in future iteration, instead of slow Snapdragon processor(generation behind Apple CPU & GPU)

  9. There are some videos and pictures that I haven't transferred to my computer yet, but other than that the only thing I would care about is having to spend another $400 for a new phone and having to set it up. And I have a backup Windows phone should anything go wrong. And having a Windows phone in 2018 is like having a flip phone sooooooooooooo… 😛

  10. The only thing I worry about related to my phone is that my photos are backed up. I only really use my phone for picture taking and making calls.

  11. Just because I dropped my cellphone into a toilet, or had it stolen (which has happened to me) or misplaced — and upon the aforementioned happening — I became upset does not make classify me as a person who has a smartphone addiction. I consider the devices that I use tools to accomplish a purpose. Right now, I don't have a land line — so my smartphone is the channel of communication for work as well as other purposes — like a way for my elderly parents to get in touch with me. As well, I do not text just for the heck of it — it is again for business, family and other alert information that is important to me. Additionally, I use my smartphone to keep track of emails which again are business related. About half of my financial transactions are conducted through Samsung Pay so my smartphone is also a transaction device. As I am a photographer — my smartphone allows me to have a camera with me at all times. Finally, as I am a avid reader — my smartphone allows me to read in a manner that is convenient to me. Let me be clear — even with all of the aforementioned — my smartphone usage when I am driving is very, very limited. No texting whatsoever and only limited calls (specifically from my parents only) through the head unit of my car which is connected by Bluetooth. So, yes I do use a smartphone as a tool — but that does not make me addicted to it.

    I believe that when it comes to smartphone addiction — the problem comes when people use devices to validate who they are in terms of their self worth. Although I am a heavy duty tech user — my self worth or my validation does not come from the tech that I use. And as such, I can and have gone without tech for long periods. E.G., went for a year or so without a smartphone whatsoever because of an economic setback. Even when I started to get back on my feet — I used a older VZW smartphone which I had modded use on T-Mobile's network on a pay as you go basis for another six months or so. It did not bother me one bit that others around me had the latest and greatest tech — because again, tech was not my source of validation.

    This is why it bothers me when you and other commentators lump everyone into one pool when it comes to smartphone addiction. I am not the one who runs people off the road because I needed to send a stupid text. I'm not the one who is on FB all the time — out in public — and bumping into people while they're at it. I'm not the one sending hundreds of texts just for the hell of it. I'm not the one who calls someone to say "Hey I'm at Target, just calling to say hello…" I'm not the one who is so busy talking on their smartphone while backing their car out of a parking space and running people over in the process. I'm not the one who uses smartphones as a status symbol — but yet have no clue as to how to make a basic call. And on and on, etc, etc. It is behavior like the aforementioned which indicates one's need for validation through tech — and therefore a possible and consequential addition to said tech.

    Finally, it also bothers me when commentators like you make statements like "if your watching YouTube vids about tech — you're probably addicted…" Fail dude. Just because I watch a vid on something that I have interest in — or want to learn about — does not make me addicted to whatever it is I have interest in.

  12. The first cellphones arrived in my early teens. It's been amazing to see their influence grow. I expect them to be the primary source of personal computing in the next 5 years maybe. It's crazy how much of a lure the urge to pick up/respond/interact with the phone has become.

  13. Losing my phone would panic me mostly because of how much it would cost to replace it. I also rely on several apps for work, and the data stored on the phone would be hard to replace (yes, I back up the important data regularly).

  14. How old is Jayce? Seriously. One video he looks younger than Zack from JerryRigEverything, the next he looks totally like my dad.
    *Probably the hair

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