Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 7 | ABC News Live Coverage| ABC News

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Watch daily live coverage of the trial of Derek Chauvin. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer, faces charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. The trial is expected to last approximately four weeks.

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45 thoughts on “Watch LIVE: Derek Chauvin Trial for George Floyd Death – Day 7 | ABC News Live Coverage| ABC News

  1. Everyone agrees that the photo of the prone black man George Floyd with the knee of a policemen on his neck was shocking. The picture has become a rallying cry for left-wing social justice warriors and anarchist Antifa thugs and race-baiting Democrats.

    “See?” they gloat, “The white police establishment want to keep their knee on our necks. Abolish the police! Spend the money in poor black neighborhoods!” George Floyd, who was 6’4” and under the influence of drugs at the time of his arrest for passing a counterfeit 20-dollar bill, has now morphed into an icon rivaling that other thug and revolutionary Che Guevara.

    How Guevara can even remotely be considered heroic is beyond the imagination of most normal folks. See why in Fontova’s book with the pithy title, “Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize him.”

    Likewise, there are indeed many useful idiots of the left, mainly the mainstream media, who are idolizing George Floyd. A career criminal, Floyd at the time of his death in police custody had reached middle age where most men stop committing serious crimes.

    As a younger man back in 2007, Floyd served four years in prison for aggravated robbery and a home invasion. During that invasion he pointed his weapon at the stomach of his female victim, while ransacking her home for drugs.

    Prior to serving time in a Texas prison, Floyd was a frequent inmate at Texas jails for drug possession, criminal trespassing, and theft. His rap sheet shows nine arrests. George Floyd’s legend is that he was a gentle giant who only wanted to turn his life around. As one liberal news article puts it, “George Floyd moved to Minneapolis in 2014 for a fresh start after being released from prison…Floyd had turned his life around but died…after a white officer knelt on his neck arresting him for allegedly passing a fake $20 bill.” (Never mind the continued drug use and the whole resisting arrest thing.)

    Besides, the article continues, “None of the officers could have been aware of Floyd’s more than decade-old criminal history at the time of the arrest.” Well, except for the fact that the arresting officers acted on a report that Floyd was committing a federal crime, they probably were aware that this muscular “gentle giant” was an obvious physical threat.

    The best evidence is that Floyd’s calm demeanor and gentility was due to self-medication. The prosecution’s medical experts say that it wasn’t drugs that killed Floyd. It was the lack of oxygen that brought on asphyxia and heart failure, not just the drugs. (Actually, it could have been a combination of both.)

    What remains is the sad conclusion that Floyd died in police custody. He may have panicked at the thought of being jailed again and, like most unarmed suspects who end up on the pavement, he refused to cooperate with the arresting officers.

    Everyone mourns and regrets a life wasted and lost. The video of the incident is truly shameful and embarrassing to all Americans. But the fact remains: George Floyd was no hero. He has already been used as an excuse for rioting and violence in American cities. That is the true tragedy of his wasted life.

  2. Its a shame when anyone dies.. But anyone backing George Drug Addict Floyd. I have a challenge. You take 6x the legal limit. And then you can put you knee on my shoulder blades for 9 minutes. My money on your knee will never make it to my shoulder blades. If you watch when the first cop walks up to the drives side of the car. He pulls his gun. That happened for one of three reason.
    #1 GDAF was going to drive away ( that did not happen)
    #2 GDAF was pulling a gun ( that did not happen)
    #3 GDAF was two fisting dope ( that may of happened)
    Every drug addict knows when in trouble. If you two fist your dope you don't go to jail. You die or go to the hospital. George Drug Addict Floyd would have died in a bed of cotton.

  3. GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY ! What are y’all racist people saying now? George deserved a fair trial period & if you think what that cop did was okay then you are probably okay with lynching also.

  4. God forbid the defense makes some ground, media and these other morons they have on make me 🤮 guilty until proven innocent with these clowns however if the shoe was on the other foot they’d be looking the other way or singing a different tune…. disgusting.

  5. What I’d like to know is why prosecution is treating a criminal case more like a civil one. Now I don’t know about y’all, but I’ve never seen prosecutors EVER hire/or locate outside “EXPERTS” in order to prove their case. Typically you only see defense attorneys do in order to attempt to refute the facts of the case. Anyone else have a problem with this or is it just me?

  6. He couldn't breath but lasted over 9 mins with a knee on the back of his neck on the ground. Sure his name wasn't Ethan Hunt the time he can hold his breath for.

  7. Lethal doses of fentenol and a half chewed 8 ball was in his system. Knee was actually on his back. Appropriate force was used since he was non compliant. The theatrics and emotional people involved saying they saw something different have zero emotional intelligence.

  8. We all know what the deal is here…Think Tulsa for example. African Americans you have to solve this. If a bully keeps taking away your lunch everyday..What do you do? The bully only stops when he is STOPPED!!! Sympathy/empathy will not change anything!! I ll start by calling you African American and not ''black!'' The judicial system and that ole constitution is almost useless …All these celebs with money and fame. what are they doing beside staying safe/keeping their jobs that the slave master is enriched from? I cant type all here We gotta fix us!! Yes. as George floyd is on trial!

  9. Physics has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that tiny Chauvin had enough mass to cause the death of Mr Floyd. Dr.Martin Tobin and his plain explanation of physics has shown that it is definitely probably that Chauvin did indeed kill Mr.Floyd. You may not agree but you cannot change the laws of physics.

  10. America! Stop wasting the whole world’s time. A police officer puts his knee and weight on a man’s neck till the man dies needs no questioning. Whether the man was on drugs, drunk, or high by any substance, the fact is; if the police officer HAD NOT put his knee on the victim neck, the victim will NOT BE DEAD! He will be alive right now, okay America! That police officer murdered the man simple and short. 1

  11. George Floyd is alive, and that cop was his co-worker for 17 years before they got recluded into free mason and got paid to do that act for the cabal. They wanted to f up the businesses, and give people a reason to riot, wake the f up America they want your countru.

  12. Deleting comments I see! Let the people speak! The earth blowing up tomorrow would be better than living and seeing how sick we are as humans and how we can hurt others the way we do!

  13. All I want to say is if I ever get in trouble with the law this man is the man I want defending me. This is the best showing I've seen from a defense attorney since OJ

  14. The Johnny whatevr his name is, the martial arts/ use of force trainer was acting so bitchy with the defense attorney. Like dude, he’s just doing his job. Everyone gets a trial and a defense

  15. The quoted text is a comment from a person who knew some of the the personal histories of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: "Derek hated george. They had worked together in the past as bouncer at dance club. Everyone liked george, but nobody liked derek." This fact needs to be aired in the courtroom to make the murder open to a charge of pre-meditated murder.

  16. Why wasnt there A live TV trial for the Australian women (white) shot by an American Muslim Somailian policeman in Minneapolis , for al the world to see,… has to be both sides to be fair.

  17. 'Chauvin – Why won't this freaking Soul discharge' OK watch and learn my braindead Rookies I will discharge this Soul another 8 minuites should do it right? Why? because I can completely DOMINATE YOU AND CAN I ANNIHILATE YOU. Anywhere and anytine I like.

  18. I just want to say this those police officers no disrespect to any one of them but the Bible says that Jesus said love your neighbor as well as you love yourself so they had any kind of heart he should have been took his knee off his neck I don't care what nobody says those police officers is the devil they father is the devil because they wanted to kill him now they want to use his drugs for an excuse 4 George Floyd was not overdose cuz if he was overdose he would have been passed out a long time ago. Before they even did anything to him these Devils from the courthouse to the police department they look after one another and God knows everybody's heart I feel that the police officer that had his neck on George Floyd neck he's a racist in his heart only God can see his heart but the Chinese man that was blocking the people because they was angry trying to reason with the police officer to tell him to take his knee off his neck the Chinese man look at his body movements he wanted George Floyd to be dead too that's why he block the police officer to keep them from trying to stop the police officers for doing that they all guilty because George Floyd was not moving anymore and when someone is not moving anymore and wasn't trying to resist all of them should have got off and why the other police officers still head there knee in his back the other one holds his legs he wasn't moving anymore why can't they see that these people is called the devil the wicked and the evil and they day is going to come now the man the police officer that had his knee in George Floyd neck what I do understand is that when the ambulance was coming he still had his knee on his neck now when the ambulance came he could have took his knee off his neck now ambulance when the ambulance pull out the the stretcher the to put George Floyd on it he still had his knee on his neck until they decide the doctors to get him up off the ground I don't care everybody trying to go around the bush to save this police officer he's a liar in the name of Jesus he's a liar he know he killed that man and if you looked at that police officer in his face he showed no remorse no compassionate no nothing he's the devil he works with Satan told him to kill that man the devil is that police officers father because if he would have heard Jesus voice which he did Jesus told him to get off his neck he didn't hear it he didn't listen he only heard the devil because the devil is his father so now what he Reap is what he's going to so he is going to jail that police officer and if he don't repent and tell Jesus Christ he was sorry for what he did if he died in that prison he going to go straight to hell with that same look on his face when he had his knee in George Floyd neck he know he should have got off his neck he know he should have but he didn't do it he wanted to do it now look at him with his hand in his pocket looking straight pressing his knee on his neck he wanted the man to die so don't use his drug for no excuse to cover up for that police officers behind know he needs to go to jail and do some time so he have enough time to think about what he should have done which he should have done yes he had a choice his choices was to kill him and he know it the Chinese man he need to go to jail too because he act like he wanted the man to be dead too Lord have mercy on their souls sorry for these Soul cuz if they died they going to hell for being Wicked in their heart remember God is the judge

  19. This wasn’t a murder plain and simple, unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to matter, every one of these jurors know they’d basically be marked for death if they don’t find this man guilty.

  20. I don’t wanna judge but in life sometimes you get what you deserve it was only a matter of time … you can’t sell drugs , be high , have arrest warrants , Put a gun to a pregnant women robbed her ext …. and expect good out comes in life … I feel bad for the black community who stand by this criminal because the media has painted such of black and white .. at the end god will sort things out …

  21. Asked to have someone take a knee on my neck for 30 minutes to prove a point, 80kg or so, got a massive cramp, but could breath just fine.
    If i was on 25inbomn or some sort of insane drug, i guarantee i would not be running into traffic all delerious.
    The kneeling thing really isnt a problem and is a pretty good hold.

  22. Steven Crowder just finished a live reenactment of the George Floyd incident where he was in the same position as Floyd with a knee on his kneck, and yes he is still alive after the 9 minute ordeal.

  23. He didn’t Murder anyone cops are trained to do that to restrain the criminal from moving if you watch the body cam video George Floyd was on some hard drugs and died of a overdose

  24. 4 hours and 16 seconds in, provides proof that the knee wasn't on the neck. Even the prosecutors moved their goal posts after this. How long until the media is held accountable for filing the race war that they created?

  25. Watching this on ABC news is frustrating. This channel only offers one viewpoint and every news analyst and “expert” guest is against Chauvin and for the Prosecution. Terry Moran loves nit picking at little things about Nelson as if he is a 12 year old bully ….. such as when Nelson fumbles through his papers. Nelson is all by himself unlike the size of the team the prosecution has, so yes, there is far more pressure on him. How would Mr Moran handle the situation? To make things worse, ABC news keeps playing this commercial about white supremacy. I have never in my entire life met a white person personally who wants to go around killing minorities let alone even be mean to them nor have I ever been among a group of whites or in a white neighborhood where a minority gets treated badly. This myth of white supremacy is ridiculous. It is insulting and dangerous. Look at actual crime statistics to see who commits most of the crimes per capita taking their population size in account and percentage of the population and then get back to me.

  26. This was long and hard to watched, but still has no weight than the autopsy report. Autopsy report is science and correct – drugs or combinations of drugs.

  27. if a black man would have done this murder/crime for the world to see he would have been found guilty at the time of death!!! he would get the max with no questions asked!!! and if officer thao was able to hold all the people on the sidewalk as this went down he could have did the same thing and they could have gave medical attention! 4 officers and all they could do was hold him down until his death instead of taking into consideration his now circumstance! to me its still no excuse for what happened over $20

  28. This case is a difficult case. Poor Mr Floyd. I am so sad your dead. For the officers, I would not want your job. I have 2 friends that are officers and a grandson that is 13 that wants to be a officer. As a grams, I want to discourage it. Every individual has a different mind and what they think.

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