What Makes a Demon Blow Through Carburetor Special?

Some have questioned my choice of going with a carburetor for my #FairmontProject engine, #DarkMatterPikachu.

In this video I talk about what makes my Demon carburetor special. I also show how to service the jets, adjust float level, adjust the idle, adjust the accelerator pumps, adjusting the opening of the secondary throttle plates, and what tools you’d need to do all of that with.

Is fuel injection better? I think that’s a subjective question. I’ll admit that you have better fuel control with fuel injection. I’ll also admit that fuel injection would likely be more efficient. However, I feel this carburetor will work perfectly for my application. If not, I have a kick butt carburetor I can use on another engine.

No matter what, I think the engine will make plenty of power with this Demon carburetor and that’s the main take away here.

My Demon Carburetor: http://www.jegs.com/i/Demon-Carburetion/333/MAD-750-BTK/10002/-1

Gasket kit for Demon: https://www.holley.com/products/gaskets/carburetor_gaskets/parts/190080

Holley Jet Kit: https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetor_components/jets_metering_rods_bleeds/tuning_and_assortment_kits/parts/36-181

Holley Jet tool: https://www.holley.com/products/fuel_systems/carburetor_components/jets_metering_rods_bleeds/parts/26-68

The #FairmontProject playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L22GsHQi7tU&list=PLSzhQ6St-ov2nxWVKCeU14Vt7JJ_QSZvs

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Camera: Brian Kast
Eric Cook

Thanks for watching!

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41 thoughts on “What Makes a Demon Blow Through Carburetor Special?

  1. THANK YOU!! That was the ONLY good look anyone has ever given me, of a Demon.
    I've done a LOT of Holleys back in the day… I think I'm more impressed with the fact that the Bowl Gaskets didn't WELD on the Carb!!!
    That to me, was the worst thing about tuning a Holley. Well, that and the World's most fragile Power Valves!!! 😖

  2. Make sure the relationship of the butterflies to the transfer port is correct first. Should be about .040 of the transfer port exposed with the butterflies closed (should look like a square not a rectangle), set by the idle stop screw. Idle is adjusted up or down by the Idle-Eze screw. If the transfer ports are exposed too much you will be rich at idle and the idle air screws will not respond. Once set, if you move the timing or the idle-eze screw you must re adjust the idle air screws for highest vacuum.

  3. Who ever gave you shit for YOUR carb choice needs a front wedgie! The Demon carbs are incredible by design and quality. I've been fortunate to have owned 3 second hand well aged Demons. All have been reconditioned to new quality and given good homes. I used all 3, and I won a lot of money with those carbs. Good video!👍

  4. I'm building my '78 360 LA for ~500hp (naturally aspirated), and went on to Holley's website and damn! Brawlers, Screamin' Demons, Street HP, Track Warriors, so many choices in the 500 to 600 range with…. what seems to be the same tune-ability! Idle and high speed air bleeds, idle feed restrictors, 4 door PV's and PV channel restrictors, emulsion bleeds, etc etc etc. It's so hard to make a choice like that! Care to shed some light? Hahaha Thank you for the video, brother!

  5. I liked your video but you didnt really talk about any of the blow through aspects of the carb. Not having power valve protection, types of power valves, diameter of passages for the power valves and into the boosters. I just worry that people would see this and notice there carb may have the features you talked about and think theirs will work. Again, i liked you video very much and am not trying to sound like a jerk. Cant wait to see your car going.

  6. I'm still waiting on why they are so special?? you should be saying what makes it a blow through carb really. you showed nothing different than a holley, pro systems, etc..

  7. I am using the exact same carb. The nice thing is though that Holley just had them on sale on their site for $256…list of over $800 🙂 Scored!! I should have bought more and re-sold them.

  8. Worth mentioning the floats are made of material that won’t crush or rupture. The extra machine work in the main body and throttle plate make the carb and excellent choice for blow through application.

  9. I will say this, I had a speed demon on my 68 charger when I got it running the first time. It had a built 383 that was putting out 476 hp to the crank. Once I got the cab dialed in, it made the car rip!! Here I am adding a few thing to the car, and one major mod, is a PRO Charger D1SC super charger, with an intercooler. Doing a lot of research on what is out there for Blow through carbs, I decided to go with the Demon 750, like in this vid. Since I know what it took to get my speed demon dialed in, getting this one to all right should not be an issue..

  10. Eric I have been looking for a anular carburetor in the 600cfm range with anular boosters for my 9:1 357 with 54 degrees of overlap that is in my wood truck because I'm convinced that I will have more low rpm power and better economy. The thing is I would like it to have changeable air bleeds and power valve restrictions for better tuning ability. Would you know of a carb out there that fits this criteria?

  11. "carb was a great choice"

    Regulator screws up, carb turns into gasoline fountain, engine catches fire and hydrolocks, piston ringland damaged

  12. Eric did you just buy the demon Blow Thru carb or did you modify it I pretty much fabricate all of my stuff but I really don't want to modify the carburetor I worked with Barry Grant Corporation was quite successful but this is the first time I'm using Turbos really don't want to mess with it so which one did you buy what carburetor number

  13. I just got two new edlebrock carbs for a duel quad set up on a big block ford. What modifications do you have to make to my carbs to make them work as "blow through" carbs?

  14. All you need to tune a Carb is a wide band 02 and simple parts. A lot hate on carbs but when you are on a budget and you take your time to learn them they run really well. Are they as efficient as F.I. … NO but they make very close to the same HP. I asked Sloppy to make a Carb turbo video but he said he had no interest Thank you for the video!

  15. More of a question to whomever. What about csu or c&s from my understanding the build the carbs per your application. Anyone have experience with this? If so does it take the guess work out

  16. this is a dumb question but is it possible to use a vacuum advance distributor for a boosted application? I'm not sure if it would work under boost

  17. Eric how did you like this carb? Did you wish you would've gone another way? I'm building a turbo 4.6 4v and I'm stuck with what carb now. Because I'm not having EFI lol

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