Civil rights lawyer reacts to ER doctor’s testimony at Derek Chauvin trial

“This was a pivotal moment in the prosecution’s case,” Kristen Gibbons Feden said of Dr. Bradford Langenfeld.

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21 thoughts on “Civil rights lawyer reacts to ER doctor’s testimony at Derek Chauvin trial

  1. All the people on this comment section look dumb now saying that the drugs killed George Floyd. Funny how Dereck Chauvin was convicted on not one, not two, but THREE COUNTS of murder!! But somehow drugs was the main cause! 😂

  2. If Chauvin checked for a pulse and did CPR, George would still be alive, no matter what evidence. The lack of Chauvin performing CPR when George passed out was murder. Police are trained to do CPR.

  3. Chauvin killed Floyd, everyone knew he was killing Floyd. The crowd knew and his colleagues knew.
    I don't know why the prosecutors did not focus on the 4 minutes after Floyd went unconscious, because it's one thing to say Floyd died of drugs but it's another thing to keep your knee on someone's neck who has gone unconscious and Chauvin did it for 4 minutes and I was waiting for that point to come up but never did. Chauvin kept Floyd pinned down even after the medics had arrived and said Floyd wasn't breathing and I'm just wondering whether you can't make inhumane use of force in court because it's one thing to use force and another thing to just be a complete psycho.

  4. The media has not paid enough attention to the pandemic’s effect on the officers' tactics.

    Floyd was insensible and had he broken loose – even if handcuffed – he would be a danger to himself and to the public. Add to that, the growth of an angry growing crowd in a difficult neighbourhood and it is reasonable to say that Chauvin – in the circumstances he perceived himself to be in – genuinely felt that the techniques he used were appropriate for his safety and the safety of others.

    Chauvin would have been exposed to Floyd’s spittle during the course of the tussle in the back of the police car, and application of the knee was clearly intended to minimise further risk.

    Diverting the suspect’s face downward and to the side would also minimise the further risk of the suspect choking on vomit as frequently happens with serious intoxication. Finally, a person who is indifferent to the well-being of another does not call for an ambulance.

  5. Floyd was a criminal however his death was caused by the criminal action of the 3 police thugs. The three criminal cops should be locked up for good and it’s a win win situation for the good citizens.

  6. George Floyd would still be alive if the cops closed the door to their patrol car already handcuffed, and just drove him to the station rather than pull him out from the back seat. I'm sure the prosecution will ask Derek Chauvin about that if he takes the stand.

  7. You idiots (the media) should be on trial for reporting lies surrounding this case! We are now finding out the truth thru Nelson’s attorney

  8. The court system and the media has slowly turning this into a Mickey mouse operation cause you hear all the huge vocabulary words haven't heard Callouse depraved indifference these people are seriously flawed

  9. Criminal activity drugs cops panic realizing that you are going back to prison hence ( I can't go back) as they removed him from his car. Stress and strain on legs torso and neck = death and………$50 000 000 for family members because they deserve it lol. They sure we're quick to let others " pay for funeral cost and grief counseling" weren't they even though the funeral costs were covered. I know this. The cop who wore a gun and bulletproof vest won't be getting buried in a $25 000 casket. Don't forget this guy was a career criminal preying on property owners a pregnant woman store clerks fathered kids he couldn't pay for or support and who knows what else he did. Doesn't mean that the cop should get off for neglecting to safely transport a criminal

  10. Knee was not on the neck only a small fraction of the time. In other testimony and video shows his knee was across the shoulder blade.

    I'm not in anyway stating that the officer did not cause death but we HAVE TO TELL THE FILL TRUTH about all the evidence.

  11. How many more individuals are going to give their opinion. The police department found him guilty and fired him. Now, the defense is attempting to do their job in a court case. They can not do that because there are hundreds of individuals getting on board to tear the defense team efforts apart. What if you were on trial do you want this to happen?

    Do you know of the Aubrey murder in Georgia? The opposite happened. The prosecutors found the murderers not guilty.

  12. Some things are just indefensible. Even if George Floyd died because of drugs – which the testimony of the experts says he didn't, what Chauvin did was reprehensible and he needs to be behind bars for his callous disregard for human life for a long, long time.

  13. sorry ABC news fans but we got it all wrong

    in the initial autopsy that was paid for by the county and not some "doctor" floyd's family hired it stated that his coronary arteries were proximal to the heart and were narrowed and bottlenecked this effect gradually lowered floyds oxygen supply while his alveoli tissue in his lungs were scarred keep in mind that in BOTH autopsies floyd's trachea and entire neck and head region were undamaged these are all symptoms of an overdose and this points to floyd dying from atherosclerosis which it states in the autopsy although floyd's heartrate and oxygen demand could of increased due to the officers floyds cause of death is much more directly tied to atherosclerosis floyd was also saying he couldn't breathe before he was on the ground

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