Dr. Bradford Langenfeld testifies at Derek Chauvin trial

The doctor who pronounced George Floyd dead reveals information he was given when Floyd’s body was brought to the hospital.


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    Dr. Baker: So when you put those [contributing conditions] on a death certificate, as a physician, what you are saying is I think these played some role in his death. They had a contributing condition. iI’m unaware of how the CDC [Centers for Disease Control and Prevention] would mandate what goes on there. Presumably, the goal is you put things on there that you believe are relevant. You don’t list trivial stuff on there that didn’t play a role.

    Nelson: And so if something was significant enough, you put it on, but if it’s insignificant, and didn’t contribute, you leave it off?

    Dr. Baker: Generally, yes.

    Nelson: And so, in your opinion, both the heart disease as well as the history of hypertension ,and the drugs that were in his system, played a role in Mr. Floyd’s death?

    Dr. Baker: In my opinion, yes.

  2. When your a police officer you work 8 hours on a shift. after work you go home to your family. Police officers are not soldiers. Soldiers are on duty 24/7. They fight and kill period. Police officers raise there children, take them to school, coach their ball games, and treat their cuts and scrapes. Police officers in the line of duty want to stay alive tom go home to their family. Yet, if the public does not agree with their tactics they are fired and brought up on murder charges. These men continued to perform their job the way they saw fit even though the spectators disagreed. The others were fired and one man is now the sole culprit.
    Do remember the Navy seal brought up on charges for killing civilians although they were not civilians. I was a combat soldier in Vietnam. Did my job as a soldier require me to pick and choose who we shot and killed? If wrong, I would be tried in court. Absolutely not!

  3. I never pray any wrong on Anyone- Buuttt- They’re about 2 weeks away from Hanging D.Chauvin!! They’re going to throw the book at him and hide him under the Concrete Slab. I hate his life had to take this turn- but he’s going to need P.C in the BeeHive

  4. You read it, and God already knew it. I am praying and posting in Jesus' Mighty Name. God knows all and God wins 100% of the time. God can speak to the juror's hearts and souls and they DO ALREADY KNOW. – The quoted text is a comment from a person who knew some of the the personal histories of George Floyd and Derek Chauvin: "Derek hated george. They had worked together in the past as bouncer at dance club. Everyone liked george, but nobody liked derek." This fact needs to be aired in the courtroom to make the murder open to a charge of pre-meditated murder. This quote has been verified for me by another person who knew both men at that time.

  5. Im telling yall right now if you have high blood pressure/heart problems then decide to smoke meth then swallow fentanyl 3x a lethal dose then try and fight me you are gonna die too. Floyd decided to kill himself over a counterfeit 20 and possession of fentanyl. Stupid is as stupid does.

  6. Derek Chauvin, despite all the damning testimony will get off with no consequences as he is white and a racist corrupt police officer.

  7. WOW – how about it – body cam shows Knee on SHOULDER – Certified Death as HEART issue from DRUGS – no wonder they think that cross dressing men can compete in WOMENS sports – Then you all act surpised when they fraudulently STEAL the Presidential Election – so WHEN did these communist leftists say those good ol' Cow Farts going to make the planet explode????

  8. They say Floyd was on Fentanyl. They say Fentanyl is 100 times stronger than morphine and 50 times stronger than heroin. So how much was in Floyd? So…if you are a policeman in Chauvin's situation, what do you do? How do you handle Floyd who is out of control on Fentanyl and perhaps a danger to the gathering crowd who won't keep their distance? How do you handle a very strong man like Floyd who is resisting arrest by going from the sidewalk, through the police car, and into the street? How do you do this with two rookie cops at your side? Are you going to talk to Floyd and try to reason with him as police witnesses on the stand suggest? How does Derek Chauvin with limited medical training assess the situation of Floyd's welfare versus that of the crowd who won't keep their distance, but come right up to him? Isn't it odd that the City of Minneapolis paid the Floyd family $27 million in advance before the trial even began and thus prejudged the situation? Also, isn't it odd that all 4 policemen, two of them rookies, were fired? Doesn't something seem odd and not right to you? Doesn't this bring back memories of the Amber Guyger trial in Dallas, Texas a little over a year ago where demonstrators in the streets forced the outcome? Aren't witnesses and jurors in the Derek Chauvin trial also now intimidated by these actions of the City of Minneapolis? Wasn't this supposed to be a "fair" trial?

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