Foldable devices the future? ASUS ZenFone 4 lineup – Razer Phone gaming beast

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Author: rafaelnieves72


47 thoughts on “Foldable devices the future? ASUS ZenFone 4 lineup – Razer Phone gaming beast

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  2. Razer is my new upgrade. Delivery next week Friday. Looking forward to it. Currently using a HTC One M7 (I know) as my daily driver. It still works and stereo front-facing speakers are important to me. Keep up your style of video content, it's very much appreciated ✌

  3. What they do in Canada is overvalue the price of the phone when you buy it outright but provide a discount when you get their "instalment" plan as a way of locking you in to them

  4. Just about every manufacturer offers financing. Most are 2 years with 0% financing. Samsung s8, s8+, Note8. HTC U11. Google pixel2, pixel2xl. All can be bought with payment plans.

  5. Is this a paid video? Att (and many other carriers) has had no interest installment plans on all the devices they sell for like 4 years…. they’ve NEVER charged interest… how is this so amazing now all of the sudden? This guy apparently doesn’t know the industry very well….. ???

  6. The AT&T Next program has literally never charged interest for any phone. It has always been a no interest financing plan for new phones, by any brand or OS. There is no interest on the S8 or the iPhone X or anything else.

  7. I'm not a gamer, but am excited about the Razer. Any word on whether the bootloader will unlock with simple fastboot oem unlock command?

  8. Gaming in phones currently sucks, too many junk in the google play, most of that junk are LVP (free to play) games that offer little to no content, and the usual bloatware, there are just a few games i would recommend playing
    if i get a Razer phone the most i would play should be Gamecube games (Dolphin) IF they bring all the Drivers for the Vulkan API, if they dont… well it isnt a gaming phone
    (Dolphin Uses many Vulkan Drivers that most phone companies dont bother to port into their phones, i tested the emulator with a snapdragon 625 and i got 25 fps in the legend of Zelda TWP… so not bad)

  9. It's known for some time that Samsung is working on something like this with one screen. Let's see how that's going to work out

  10. It's a novel device, but that hinge, if by some slip of the hand you drop it………..
    That alone is WHY the "bar" form became so popular………

  11. Tbh, I'm not that heavy into MOBILE gaming, but I think I might buy the Razer phone because it's hella impressive. Everything it brings to the table is great for non-gaming needs too, and the couple of games that I do play will be beautiful.

  12. Gaming on a phone sucks. Plain and simple. The screen is too small, the games are shallow and the controls are horrible. You just can't compare gaming on a phone with gaming on a PC.

  13. Hah! Here in Norway (and other) it has been normal that most carriers give you dowpayment plans on phones with no extra costs or interest rates AND a reduced price if you sign a 12 month deal with the carrier for several years already😂 That is not normal over there? You are way behind😆

  14. I know it's much better than a 3ds, but that thick bezzel between screens would be tough to get used to. That and the near 4:3 ratio. I'd make a 4:3 screen, and when folded makes it wider.

  15. I’m waiting for the full review on the Razor but so far it looks like a great phone at a great price. They are being suspiciously quiet about the camera so I’m wondering if this is the Achilles heel of this phone. It might be a mistake to call it a gaming phone because the label suggests that is all that it is good for. I think that this could be a great overall portable entertainment device for music and video. That is why I would buy it. Gaming, eh, not so much. I only play casual games on my phone. The screen is just too small.

  16. Yes it is no interest. No there is no gotcha….And this has been a thing for a looooong time. How do you guys not know about it?! So does T mobile. So does Google. And who knows who else. Been with AT&T since they were BellSouth. While they definitely do bend you over when it comes to monthly fees, they also have the best customer service. My husband has put his toe in the water with both Verizon and Ting. Verizon lasted a few months. Customer service was crap and they love hiding things. Ting had a great fees structure. But they used Sprint towers. Crap reception. Soooooo AT&T it is.

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