How to Start a Car That’s Been Sitting for Years

How to start a car. Don’t just start a car that hasn’t run in a while. In this video I show you what to check before you attempt to start a car that has not run for 6 months or more so you don’t damage the engine.

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How to Replace a Fuel Pump:
How to Clean Your Engine Bay:
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35 thoughts on “How to Start a Car That’s Been Sitting for Years

  1. Very nice video and such a valuable information. I was wondering how to get my Nissan Xterra 2002 that's been sitting in the driveway for the past 4 years and until I saw this video I was thinking maybe the engine would have got locked and need to be replace ( though I drained all the engine oil initially after six months of sitting , that's when I thought I'll work on this project SUV some time in future ). Now, I know how to begin with.. I always maintain and fix my personal car whenever needed and that's my weekend hobby. Thank you so much , I subscribed long time ago. And what's the cheap and best jump starter to buy, the one I'll be carrying all the time in my other car so that I can help those who get stranded with dead battery?

  2. We Have a Volvo from 82 I believe it's been sitting around 15 years at least can I get it to move its rusty af and dirty btw

  3. Hey my mom just got a 96 v6 mustang and the day time running lights won't turn off unless u pull the fuse what do you think the source of the problem is

  4. I've been trying to siphon fuel out of my car, yet the hose seems to hit a stopping point and not sucking out any more fuel, even tho the car still has half a tank? Does anyone know what to do? or what it could be getting stopped by? Thank you

  5. 6 years ago, My father was driving his 1991 Toyota and when he was driving he tried to close the windows of the car and it was just stuck, windows wasn't going up and down and it started raining, then my father got mad and left it there since and wasnt even moved an inch and now there is nothing to do in quarantine, So I started looking after the car. Thanks for the video!

  6. Using starting fluid is bad bad bad… in emergency situations it is ok to use very sparingly but it strips all the lubrication off the cylinder walls and burns way to hot which can cause cracked rings and potentially blow a hole through the top of a piston which I have seen both happen… I recommend leaving starting fluid for lawn mowers or small equipment and not an expensive car engine and NEVER in a Diesel engine of any kind

  7. Hey chris, i have a question. I have a old 1964 cutlas that has been sitting for 20 years. I cant find any information old cars like that, Could you maybe do a video about fixing cars that are from the 60s and 70s?

  8. I have a impala that has been sitting outside for touching 2 years i was away for military im coming back to get it but will only have 2 weeks to get it running im stressed can anyone tell me if iv just wasted my money on parts or if I'll be good?

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