700hp AMG Cannonball Record Holder (The full story)

The Cannonball Run has a long rich history of incredible accomplishments that continues to shock and surprise the world with every new record made! The record was most recently broken by our friend Arne Torman (he co-founded AMS!), in his 700hp 2015 Mercedes Benz. Arne managed to pull off the 2800 mile journey from New York to Los Angeles in just under 28 hours (including stops)! We ran into Arne at the 2020 GTR World Cup and since he wasn’t in a hurry this time, was able to pull aside and give us a tour of the command cockpit that he and two others piloted across the country, right into the record book! The amount of tech in this car is mind boggling, and really provides some incredible insight into how they pulled off such a feat, in the safest way possible!

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Author: Rafael


38 thoughts on “700hp AMG Cannonball Record Holder (The full story)

  1. I feel like if he just covered the outer part of the taillights the way he did without doing anything to the inner part, the rear end would look like a 7th gen Passat or a Jetta.

  2. Omg at about 2 minutes in they talked about how they're running an underground app that scrapes waze data to create a spead trap heat map.

    That's so crazy, great minds think alike. I had a thought about a year ago to do pretty much exactly that. I started the project then discarded it because I realised I'm not the hacker I thought I was. I was devastated because I was sure it was a good idea, I'm actually ecstatic to hear that someone else had the same idea and followed through.

    Also, I had an idea because in my city in Australia, they hide camera's in bushes and due to the logistics of hiding cameras in the roadside, there's limited locations where they can park a camera car and incidentally most of the exact locations you find camera cars parked are in specific location points down the roads. So the idea that they can be or are hidden anywhere is a bit of a lie, they're in very specific locations.

    In my head, such a "waze heatmap" would scrape the data and build a database to pinpoint the exact locations that these camera cars are parked so when waze says "there's a camera down this road" you know exactly which bush it is hiding behind.

    Another idea I had a thought of: In the places where radar/LIDAR detectors are still legal, a bootleg version of "Waze heatmapping" wherein an algorithm automatically places a pin on the map where your radar detector detecs speed camera pings, which then gives you a popup to confirm or deny the alert for a speed camera present.

    So yeah, if anyone who is smarter and more hacker than me sees these ideas, please pass them on. I'd love to see some intelligent programmers pick up on the idea and make something of it.

  3. I remember you guys saying one goal was to reduce stationary time? How feasable would it be to use a high powered diesel sedan? You could use 2x hi-flow truck pumps on your stops and halve your fuel stop time

  4. I left NY on a Saturday morning and was in L.A. Monday morning in my 1989 KW pulling a 53 foot loaded trailer, right around 600 hp and I drove the whole way… 😆 I was only a 10 year truck driver at the time but I had a BIG CB. Ahhh the good old days when you could drive 90 mph for 13 hours straight! You guys r good but come over to my world and see how you do.. BITCHEN CAR!

  5. Says, "I'm not trying to beat anyone in a drag race"
    Also says, "It's got 700 hp"
    If I had a 700 hp car I'd race it everywhere, win or loss won't matter.

  6. Gee I wonder where he got the idea to run an AMG Mercedes? But in all seriousness, I thought Bolian would hold the record for at least a decade or more.

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