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Jaxx Zorb $15.58

Spill Jaxx Miracle $15.20

Jaxx Zorb Website: http://www.jaxxusa.com

While getting ready for the ‘Meet Up’ in 2015, I was cleaning the shop and needed to deal with some oil spills. Sure one of the stains in the video was staged for demonstration purposes, but the other stains were existing and I wanted to take care of them before the ‘Meet Up’. That said, I was surprised at how well the product worked. It soaked up the stains and then soaked up other stains that I didn’t even use solvent on. Impressive. It also doesn’t produce dust like the kitty litter I normally use.

It’s always great when a product does what it says it does. Jaxx Zorb is one of those products and I will unsolicitedly recommend it.

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31 thoughts on “Jaxx Zorb Review -EricTheCarGuy

  1. Just ordered some of this for my shop at work. It seems to work better than oil dry and you can use less. I was going to order for home but I agree with other commenters, the shipping is killer!

  2. Thank you so much for this review. I never heard of the stuff till I saw you use it cleaning under the Fairmont. I've already ordered myself a bag. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I don't know if the instructions on the label mention it, but you are suppose to spread the absorbent product around the spill to contain it, not on top. Then you can sweep it into the center of the spill.

  4. looks like it works much better than kittylitter/floordry.i noticed how well it picked up the splash dots of the atf just by running the broom over it lightly

  5. pretty sure this is just fine ground run of the mill spill all, if you take your spill all or kitty litter and stand on it and use your feet to grind it into the stain it works good

  6. Could use some of this over here in the UK. I've got a pretty nasty stain on my drive from when I removed the sump on my Saab to clean it out.

  7. For the ones doubting this product – many companies are using products VERY similar to this (white almost powder like absorbent) to help clean up hazardous waste spills in warehouses and the backroom of many stores these days. I have used it with great success many times cleaning up fuel, hydraulic fluid, battery acid (the brand we used wasn't intended for battery acid, but hey, it worked!), oil, water, milk, foods, you name it. We was also required to be 100% OSHA compliant at all times and according to the rules, we could just toss the stuff out into the trash and into the compactor. HOWEVER, you have to use enough to make sure it stays in an almost powder like form, too little might clean it up, but, it can leach out any excess that might not be fully absorbed. If it turns into a gooey mass, it's not absorbed fully and will leech out.

    We didn't have issues with stains though as we would run buffing equipment over the concrete on a nightly basis to keep things as clean as possible at our stores.

  8. A trick with the absorb material is to pour a ring around the spill, not in it, the sweep it slowly into the spill. That will catch all splash residue as well. And a little goes a looong way.

  9. Now does it work on asphalt and the like? I've got a bunch of huge ugly oil stains in my driveway and in front of my house that I'd love to get rid of.

  10. Hey Eric at my old work place we used to use red stallion shop floor cleaner first you sweep your floors really good, then we wet it down with the pressure washer then spread it around. Next we used the broom to clean then let it sit. Best soap by far for removing oil stains

  11. I'd like to see this available in a smaller shaker or tub that cold be easily kept in the car, this would be perfect for spills on the floor, if someone spilled their pop I bet throwing some tis down on it would prevent any sticky messes and easily vacuum up later. I can also see this working well on pet accidents or other spills on the carpet, and I think this would be far more effective than blotting the spill on the rug with a rag or towel, the powder would get down in faster and deeper into the pile and absorb everything fast, again leaving dry powder to vacuum up.

  12. We actually have very similar stuff at work to clean up spills. And it does indeed seem you used way too much of this stuff to clean up this spill. 🙂
    The way we use it at work is, we first soak up most of the leaked fluid (oil, coolant, etc) with rags, then we sprinkle a bit of the absorbent material where it's still wet, spread it around with a broom and before you know it there's no more trace there was any spill at all!

  13. We use a similar powder (spill magic) to clean up vomit and the night club I work at. Works great. It all works the same way by observing the moisture in the spill allowing you to sweep it up.

  14. First product you've reviewed that I actually really want. I work at a gas station and have been using a product called oil dri, its like a mix of kitty litter and sand and works okay, but this product appears to work fast and better.

  15. white cement does the exact same thing and probably half the cost.
    false positive though as soon as you wash it with water, the stain will re-appear. talcum powder has the same effect.
    snake oil…next

  16. I have a product called Rag from Goodwill. Works pretty well. Or you can que the Epa they'll de end with Feds with tons of Dawn dishwashing liquid clean up your spill, wash every duck in the area, and fine you out of existence

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