EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #13 2/26/2014

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In this episode we talk about turbo chargers, forced induction, brake noise, clutch problems, problems when it’s really cold, fuel pump issues, and some other things that I forgot about. Oh yea, the debut of Derpy the pig, my new knitted mascot.

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Finding Noises:

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31 thoughts on “EricTheCarGuy Answers Questions Live #13 2/26/2014

  1. Hi Eric, I have a toyota pickup 91 fuel injection, the problem is, in the morning it's hard starting i have to turn the key for about  30 sec, or take three times to start before the engine run. can you help me about this. 
    Thank You, 

  2. I spent 7 years on submarines during the 80s it was always funny when the new guys go to a deep test dive for the first time. In the sleeping  bay we tied a string across as the sub goes deeper it got looser by the time we were at 1000 feet it was laying on the floor .During my 7 years in I seen more than 1 guy freak out. We also tied it tight for the trip up and make bets where it would break. After 18 patrols each 93 or so days under the water. back then I also had a cassette recorder so I could record the noise going down and coming up. After that nothing would bother me anymore . I still have the cassettes tapes . I have been asked to sell them but so far I want to leave them to my son. Kenny IC1 (SS)

  3. whats up eric. ,i watch your show all the time and that is pushing me to where i want to be in fixing cars , i got this problem im trying to fix ,i got this 95 mustang gt 5.0, the engine shake when i give it gas , the coolin an came on and draining power , and that is keeping the car from charging i notice , any thoughts on fixing that car ?

  4. the torque turn method is to stretch the bolts. Had to do this on big mbe engines and others until I was sick. Try 85ft lbs +90degrees and thats just the rod bolts, can remember what the mains are.

  5. High Mileage oil is said to have "expanders" that soak into gaskets and seals and help them seal if they are seeping or if you have a bit of smoke from worn valve seals ect. It should not be used if you have no issues because it can prematurely wear out good seals. Once you use it, you must continue to use it. If your car has 200,000mi and no issues, use the regular stuff.

  6. For the guy with the clutch slippage issue. I had a 2000 elantra and I replaced my clutch and had the fly wheel turned and still has slippage issues. It turned out to be a bad slave cylinder. It was somehow getting air into it and not allowing the clutch to fully engage.

  7. So I just replaced the rear calipers rotors and the pads on my 2003 hyundai tiburon v6, i bled the brakes until there was no more air coming out of the bleeder valves whatso ever, closed the them up topped off the master cylinder but the brake pedal feels slightly soft for the first pump then firms up when driving, would it be a good idea to bleed the brakes again or is this just somewhat normal whenever you replaced rear disks

    Thank You in Advance

  8. Hey Eric I have an issue, my 93 civic 4door had a 95 Gsr swap, and it has all the correct harnesses and ecu, recently The motor started acting up, the car will start just fine and warm up to proper temp ok, BUT when I tap the throttle the car stalls and as soon as it finishes stalling, the motor runs backwards, I know how it sounds, I've been getting massive shit from everyone on Honda tech, I did a compression test and cyl 1&2 are at 160psi and 3&4 are at 170psi, I also did a air pressure test on each cylinder at tdc on the compression stroke of each one AMD no leaks from either valve or head gasket, just a little hiss from rings, timing is 100% dead on AMD distibutor is brand new and still no change!! It's getting very irritating and stressfull so I'm basically getting any help I can, if I can't figure anything out soon ill try a new ecu. Please help if you can! Thank you.

  9. Thank you eric for your input from very first answered question. The rebuild I did is good. I had it checked out by another 22r/e guy who immediate said it was an exhaust leak from the manifold to front pipe. He was right, I also forgot to put the bracket from the bellhousing to the front pipe. Tighten it up and it purrrs good now. 750 miles on the rig already. Seems solid. No cel. Anyways bash dyi rebuilds, your the one who helped me grow the balls to pull an engine and install it, but I love 22re's, they're pretty simple to work on.

  10. Question for u man.I love cars and I have been in the drifting scene for 10 years.I am going home finally after ten years and I wanna work for a tuner shop.I like modifying and fixing cars.Do you have any advice for this? I gotta go to Houston but I have my gi bill so money is no prob for schooling.Some one recommended Uti.

  11. Thank you Eric for all you do! Big fan that has learned fixing cars from you! Your work is truly appreciated! All the best to you and your family!

  12. to the guy with the fuel pump problem, I had a similar problem with a 95 gmc Yukon. it ended up being a climate control sensor. which caused the air intake to choke the carb as if it was cold outside. hope this helps

  13. Sometimes you can just clean the surface of an ABS sensor and problem solved, much cheaper than any other tool out there and if it doesn't fix it, you are only out a few bucks for a cheap cleaner (nothing special need either) compared to taking it to a shop that might not be so willing to just clean them, but charge you hundreds for replacement parts that weren't needed.

  14. crap,, couldn't get home from work in time, I have a important question , I need to ask Eric. Been waiting a long time to ask

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