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  1. After watching how people in the white house act and in public service you don't know who's telling the truth everyone is a artful bull shitter in all levels of American politics even the aids mind you I do like the Governor.

  2. This is Preposterous! I believe this was a set up, the lady in the background was clearly exposing the camera guy. He held her like she was his own daughter, I can see if the photo showed him leaning close towards her lips to kiss her.

    Anyway, God knows best and certain women need to know how to conduct themselves around married men even if they can get close to them.

    “RESPECT MARRIED”!!!🙏🏽😇👍🏽

  3. What an ugly man. He wanted to be a mentor to that girl. Cuomo you have to be good looking to be a mentor to a 25 years old…..The best for you now is to resign cause by now people know you are a lying Governor. You have money, and don't need the job anymore.

  4. Women and men have always flirted in the work place.
    Sexual harassment is different, report it immediately. Set the man or woman straight right then, at the time.
    I guess if they are rich, it can be made up years later. 🤥 💰

  5. Cuomo and staff had live press conferences everyday and represented New York excellently and transparently during Covid19. Is there an agenda of these women? Lindsey Boylan, is now a candidate for Manhattan borough president. Was she damaged or sympathy "fact" finding for her campaign? Was she held hostage and couldn't get out? Truthfully workplaces everywhere from the kitchen to the Hill are too loose with sexual language and sexual music and it does need to stop. Watch the language, watch the dress (ladies) and watch the music. Conversations with with cozy work folks today can turn into tomorrows news. I approve this mssg.

  6. This woman yooo,now this days they confuse everything like this woman at work I just say good morning n them I have the cops sayin I was harassing her n she have other 5 guys n 3 other woman’s whit the same complaints I believe woman nowadays they r taking advantage of the situation lying n trying to use ppl, feeling sorry for them when they should take a lie detector n check if they have some bipolar desorden or they have problems n they head I’m not saying all woman but they’re a lot out there crazy n trying to do bad to ppl for no damm reason

  7. Its great to be a Democrat

    We have a President that cant remember where he is!

    We have Big tech and MSM censoring freedom of Speech

    We support China in their bid to rule the World

    We shut down our energy companies so we can depend on the Middle east and Russia

    We have higher Gasoline prices and home heating prices, its so good

    We open the borders to illegal Migrants no Covid test needed, give them schooling and benefits

    We let Iran sell oil so they can finance terrorism

    We support the Green New Deal that cant supply enough energy to keep the Lights on even now

    We support higher taxes to the poor and Middle class

    We are so great we Democrats our new world will be so great???????????????????????????

    Im Proud to be a Part of the New Chinamerica.

  8. Facial recognition proves who was responsible for Jan.6th. in D.C. They were not T supporters. It was preplanned just like the speeches afterwards. The mainstream media is the mouth of the anti christ. Pray for them for they will suffer only pain & torments in hell for eternity. We are being played again by both sides controlled by satan. This is spiritual warfare. Their god is lucifer. God is always in control; sometimes He allows evil to prevail for reasons that are above our understanding. NO FEAR!!! God will heal our land if we Repent & Pray. Do you worship I.A.; The" I Am" ? or A.I.? Believe and Trust in the bl o o d that was shed by J e s u s C h r i s t for your sins; being born again/saved. Humble yourself before the LORD and S A V I O U R J e s u s C h r i s t and pray. Pray by lying prostrate on the floor with your face to the ground. The ultimate humility before Jesus Christ is you on your face. Read 1 Corinthians 15:1-4.
    Watch; "Coronavirus and Vaccination crime… https://www.bitchute.com/video/IJIoilKlUk1o/ . " Watch B i b l e teacher R o b e r t B r e a k e r's videos, "Understanding The Times." https://youtu.be/4zvtFjJ-VOY & "Can You See in 2020?", https://youtu.be/ccbzG8At9ak . Watch, testimony of people who went to hell; https://youtu.be/f9pKa36Yxhc. You can make a difference! We can't lose with J e s u s C h r i s t. Give Him your heart today and serve Him!

  9. He didn't commit a CRIME , if he apologized lets MOVE ON . He didn't rape or assaulted these women. If these women don't want to accept an apology , but try to make this BIGGER than it is , they are after MONEY. Texas just had a storm a few days ago and a lot of people are still affected , why not give this MORE ATTENTION

  10. Out of curiosity, with no disrespect for those women, are either of those women . . . registered Republicans.
    Inquiring minds want to know.
    And yes, it might matter.

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