Democrats to look for ‘indirect ways’ to raise minimum wage: Sen. Mazie Hirono | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, on “This Week.”

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  1. By all means, Cuomo should be held accountable for his wrong doings….What happen, when Biden was accused, for his sexual accusations? Oh, no, that has to be swept under the rug….How about his deals he was making with China? That also was swept under the rug….What about the dealings, with his son Hunter? I guess that wasnt very important either….All this crap, that the Swamp has created, seems unimportant, to them….There is major corruption, that has been going on, since Our President Trump started thinking of running for President….Yes, I truly believe, that the Election, was rigged, I am not sure who is responsible for it, but the rats, need to be held accountable for all their wrong doings…Our Country, needs to be brought back to Freedom…This is making me so sick… I applaud Sidney Powell for all she does. If the truth is known, the riots of January 6th, was also preplanned by the swamp.Every single day, theres something the swamp does to hurt us, the American Public….Wake up people

  2. If you want businesses to pay their workers more you could cut their taxes (like Switzerland), encourage PRIVATE unions etc. Ruining the economy and driving up unemployment for the sake of looking generous isn’t the answer.

  3. Pushing a $15 minimum wage is politically astute, but not economically astute.
    No business can pay a worker $15 an hour unless that worker brings much more than $15 an hour into the business.
    Forcing businesses to pay wages disproportionate to the value of the worker will result in businesses hiring less workers and demanding a higher skill set from the workers that they do hire.
    Some believe that employers have an obligation to provide workers with a certain standard of living.
    I believe that this is tyrannical.
    Employers have no obligation to workers other than to pay them the wages that they mutually agree upon.
    Providing people with a standard of living is the domain of charity, and should be left to the individual discretion of every citizen.

  4. Dear Hirono,

    Your state currently has an unemployment rate of 15%.

    This is not the time to talk about raising wages.

    If wages increase, tourism prices must increase to cover that, which prices out some tourists. That means fewer people are employed and fewer guests come to spend money.

    You can't make a cause and expect to be able to pick and choose effects. You can't vote away undesired consequences.

    This is madness.

  5. Raising minimum wage is pointless unless cost of living is low…. people can earn 25hr for 40 hrs and still live check to check because food and rent are ridiculously out of this world… not to mention extra bills plus kids soooo yeah cost of living is the problem not minimum wage

  6. Republicans are incredibly selfish, greedy and evil. They have no problem making money for themselves but love to keep the lower and middle class slaves to poverty. Lower and middle class pay the majority of taxes in America, not the rich and corporations. Democrats need to grow a spine, use the power they have just like Republicans do, did and will do again if they take the House or Senate back. They need to fire the House Parliamentarian, who is not an elected official.

  7. trump wants america to become dysfunctional and frozen up and distracted by making it attack itself through the jan 6 psyops at the capital, and then investigating itself. if that doesnt cause dysfunction and gridlock in government what will right? trump figures it will make it much easier then to take advantage while our government implodes. its all a distraction. you figure kamala harris would investigate things right? thats what trump wants, to drag her into his mess. kamala should instead be busy telling the parlimentarian to take a hike and disregard her opinion that the robert byrd rule should apply. why? so america gets the 1.9 emergency trillion covid and minimum wage bill passed intact. if mitch mcconnell can fire a parlimentarian and hire a new one that lets him and all republicans have their way then why cant kamala do the same? we need to get rid of the filibuster and the byrd rule and get this bill passed with the $15 dollar wage left in it. america needs help now. kamala needs to move now and flex her muscles to show mcconnell and the parlimentarian and the corrupt senate and trump and those seditious fascists who is boss. she needs to take control and save america from financial ruin by disreguarding the parlimentarian and passing the bill intact by passing the bill with 51 votes. she has every right and americas blessing to do so . the slavery enabling filibuster and byrd rule does not apply and in fact must be abolished. time for joe and kamala to step up and make america whole again.

  8. Democrats are playing game, trying to stall the stimulus or sabotage it. $15 wage is not that important right now as covid relief, leave the battle for later.
    They will lose to Trump 2024, I will not vote for these scumbags again.

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  13. oh yeh that will really help the small businesses!!! Did any of these dem's ever hold a REAL JOB where physical labor is involved??? i think NOT so they have NO clue & they sure are NOT listening to the people clown show watch the little cars round & round

  14. I hope the Senate has more comment scene than the house and don't pass this 1.9T bill no only because 90% of the money goes for the swamp and only 10% goes for covid-19 related, but because people don't have jobs, businesses are struggling to keep open! Increasing wage now is like give meat to who don't have teeth!!

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