‘A lot of things that … would make risk less (for teachers)’: Dr. Anthony Fauci | ABC News

George Stephanopoulos interviews White House chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci on “This Week.”

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33 thoughts on “‘A lot of things that … would make risk less (for teachers)’: Dr. Anthony Fauci | ABC News

  1. — In the name of academia and empirical science, this is a public challenge for legitimacy of any Dr. or Scientist worldwide to discredit a single word!

    — Viscous, virulent strain mutations are for the imagination of Hollywood and have no place or reference in empirical Virology!

    — Antigenic shift (mutation) is a common normal biological function. Even though Cronavirus are considered more stable in this regard than flu/virus, nevertheless inevitably will occur within large population infection spread. This is precisely why vaccines have little to no chance of effectiveness for Corona type viruses. History has proven this true over and over. Corna vaccines are notoriously problematic ( mostly due to rapid weakening) and have never been successful.

    — SARS-COV-2 will not/cannot be contained or eradicated. What is going on right now, is known in epidemiology as the pathogen endemic equilibrium phase, (viral stasis) and is perfectly normal. Virulence weakening and dilution is what always happens when mutations and naturally acquired herd immunity is occurring throughout the populations. Invariably mutation causes infection rate increase ( seasonality still being the biggest factor) and lethality rate decrease, henceforth it becomes ubiquitous and permanent. Vaccination at this stage is essentially pointless.

    — (mutation will however allow some level of missed detection by the immune system, but virulence is always depleted not increased, precisely how these viruses become endemic and avoid eradication. ie Rhinovirus "common cold")

    — To show statistical significance for a virus of this type, a vaccine must show efficacy, (save lives, Period.) However, when the overall death rate is between 0.2 and 0.5 %, there will be little to no benefit. In other words, SARS-COV-2 virus is far too weak right now to show a vaccine effectiveness rate numerically, at population scale.

    — Ubiquitous viruses are fought and defeated primarily by the T-Cell lymphocytes within our immune systems, Not from antibodies, which in turn protects the old and vulnerable. (MPIE) "Mass Population Immunization by Exposure" (herd immunity)

    — The entire narrative that is being heavily perpetuated by a large sector of the science community is False. Either they simply do not understand or are blatantly lying. (This is fundamental immunology, based on biological Law. First term, first lesson, Chapter -1 "Steps leading through virus infection, to immunity").

    — {However this must be very seriously understood and Forewarned! The longer the populations as a whole suppress their own immune system, through lock-down, distancing, mask wearing and compulsive sanitizing the greater the chances of allowing a pathogenic microbial superbug, that our bodies cannot handle}.

    — When funding and pay structure is stacked against academia science in favor of paradigm census, it creates an unfair, inaccurate and corrupt narrative.

    What is going on in the world, is truly bizarre. To the extent that in just the past few short months, all virology and immunology textbooks ever printed in existence, are being re-written as we speak, the premise to all empirical scientific methodology, logic and reason. Induction of global hysteria by censorship of empirical science. (akin to StockHolm Syndrome at mass population scale)

  2. "Suggest strongly that teachers be vaccinated?" Why are they so afraid of being imperative about rules that would keep teachers safe? They "suggest vaccines," and their documents "have guidelines" that may or may not be followed, but children must go to school? Does that translate to teachers may die but that's ok because as a society we don't really respect teachers, and we are worried about frustrated parents and do not want to antagonize them? How about being clear about how disastrous it has been every time people have prematurely started up school in the past year. The disruption and chaos? The solution is simple – come up with an honest and realistic plan a promise you expect to keep for vaccinating people working in educational institutions and call upon the public to wait, and not jeopardize their own children and families and other adults through sheer frustration. Teachers have been teaching online – it is not as if it is a pleasant work life to peer intensively into the computer for hours upon hours, to replicate the interactions of the schoolroom. Teachers are grateful to have jobs indeed, but why are they being treated as if they have not been working all along. Many teachers have children themselves. Why is this being framed in a way where the teachers end up as the less valuable least respected party. To the point where their life or death becomes a sort of rhetorical inconvenience.

  3. CNN Presidential Town Hall Joe Biden states that children don't get the virus or transmit it to other's why are they locking us down? This is a sorcery selling poison! Don't take the poison!

  4. So the same country that allows water systems to be toxic. Air to be toxic. Toxic GMO's and pesticides from Monsanto in food. Allows Big Pharma to Over Vaccinate and Over Medicate for profit. Spends 57 percent of the federal budget on industrial military. Doesn't provide health care. Doesn't provide college education. Supposedly likes "science" and is concerned about a Virus you are supposed to believe that? CDC EPA FDA are liars for corporate America. The only way to improve the U.S. is to stop lying, stop going along with obvious lies out of fear and have the courage to be honest. This mind game being played is one of endurance, these corporate lackies and government puppets are trying to exhaust the public into going along with their new system of accepted corporate lies. Do the opposite stay strong, stay healthy, stay happy and call them out on the deception. Root em' out!

  5. You just finished saying that it's safe for teachers and students to go back to school and three minutes later you advise to avoid congregate settings. Last time I checked, a classroom is a congregate setting.

  6. First he said no Masks required. Now two masks are required……..another full of you know what bureaucrat ….. cancel him and his family…..PAS like the VP knob job… where’s Willie.?

  7. The thing is, that there is a lot of states that schools have been open or partially open. And where the "rubber hits the road" you can't protect staff in school no matter what "safety rules" you have in place. What should of happen "last year" is the entire country should of shutdown for "months". Same thing in regards to this year that we are in. The reason why that does not happen, is because certain large organizations do not want to lose a lot of money and the past and current administration is simply going along with those wishes. When it comes down to either making money or protecting lives of people.. unfortunately money prevails. There has been more than one news story across the nation in regards to mass teachers strike walking out of school because they do not feel protected against the virus. You DONT hear about those stories on the nationwide news either, but that has been happening and will happen more in other states after schools go back to full time and not virtual.

  8. TEACHERS go back to work and do your jobs. These Teachers Unions are a disgrace and are ruining our children who need to be back in school ALL THE TIME EVERY DAY. If the teachers want to cry about going back to school let them all quit and give the money to the parents to do their own home schooling.

  9. Can you please ask Arkansas to move people like me up on the list sooner to get vaccinated. I have copd and I use oxygen full time. That makes me very high risk for the virus. I haven’t seen my grandkids in over 6 months and I’m missing them so much. Please help dr. Fauci and president Biden please help

  10. Fauci gets credit for the development of a SARS Corona virus with "gain of function," an unnatural virus that never existed until his research was subcontracted to the Wuhan institute and released to the world. In 2014 Obama shut down "gain of function" virus research that was genetically engineering a super virus.. Fauci kept doing the research and shared the research with the Wuhan institute. Whether the Chinese govt purposefully or accidentally released this super virus onto the world is a matter of speculation.



  13. He's a mass murderer!!!!!!!! As is ABC. All of you are murderers and liars and thieves. Go to Hell and stay there.

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  15. er…… okay…. ELI5 – so some gatherings are considered super-spreaders …. while other gatherings are spun as completely safe provided you follow guidelines

  16. Keep your deadly va$$ines. Stop your fear mongering stop lying. Stop the new variant BS. Yeah please don’t worry about deadly side effects or cancer or autoimmune diseases. Or the antibody dependent disease enhancement which basically means that if you are vaccinated but the vaccine antibodies actually make you more susceptible to developing serious disease because they aren’t neutralizing antibodies. In other words you are worse off than if you were never vaccinated. Chimpanzees in the study died of severe lung infection due to ADE. Meanwhile slovakian health ministry registers ivermektin for the prophylaxis and treatment of covid. 99.6% survival why do we have a va$$ine? stopmedicaldiscrimination.org

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