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Well as the title states the Toyota 4 runner is back and this time with a slightly different steering problem. This video goes to prove that even if you do everything right there can still be an issue down the road the trick is not to take it personally.

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30 thoughts on “Toyota 4 Runner Steering Problem Returns – EricTheCarGuy

  1. 2005 4-runner in the shop with the same issues 211K miles. Started with steering pump (not it). Now they are onto the lower steering shaft coupler but having a hard time getting it off. Will let you know and thanks for sharing. Had them check out the rag joint as well because of your video. Also helps me justify hiring someone to deal with this one. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for this video, Las saturday I did it on my 06 4Runnner SR5, but the worst part for me was the long bolt that hold the rack & pinion on the driver side, thanks!

  3. It was likely bad before, you just didn't see the rust etc. Removing it and reinstalling it and hitting it with an air hammer likely "disturbed" it enough to fail shortly after.

  4. First of all thanks I replaced a power steering wheel pump on 2002 Toyota Camry 4 cylinder I flushed out and bled the system but my steering is still right need help anyone

  5. Hey Eric i have 2017 4 runner and steering vibrates round 60. I have done wheel balancing, rotated tires, put i brand new tires and still vibrates. Lot of people are having this issue however i cant seem to find any solution on line. Any idea why? I have about 47k miles

  6. Hi Eric, I think my 2001 4-Runner is having this problem. I have many parts–new rack n pinion, new pump, other rack n pinion parts, new lines, fluid flush and bleed–replaced already; it turned out to be real soft and came back to stiff and hart to turn again after a few hours or so. Do you think I should have this intermediate steering shaft replaced? Can you please help me with this? I can have a home mechanic do this for me as soon as possible because I cannot drive my SUV because it's so hard to turn and making a whining sound as well. I appreciate for the advice. Thanks in advance.

  7. Every time I change my power steering fluid I laugh at all the poor saps who neglect it and have to replace a rack or pump. Leading cause of these failing is NEGLECT. Because a $7 bottle of ATF or ps fluid is just too much money…. 🙄😂

    Strong 💪🏻 work Eric. Enjoy your Channel

  8. My 2005 had this BAD. Sprayed it down with white lithium grease and it's been good to go for about 40k miles. 212K and counting!

  9. I've got a 2005 Tundra with 535,000 miles and the only problem I've had with the power steering is the high pressure lines rusted out, $ 500.00 for the lines. $80.00 for the pump.

  10. Hello. Here's a funny one: When I turn my steering wheel to left, it doesn't return to complete center. It only return like 10-15 degree left. Right turn is fine. Could it be steering rack or u-joint? I already changed tie rods, ball joints, lower control arms and coilovers.

  11. I have a 2003 v8 4.7 4runner i personally just replaced the motor and transmission myself in my front yard. What a nightmare. But runs like a dream now. Has 330k miles with a low mileage (114k) mile motor n trans. My problem is my power steering. All hoses are on. Its full of fluid. No leaking fluid. No noise. Pully is turning fine. There is no power steering.. its so dang hard to turn. Is there any vacuum hoses or something im missing ??

  12. Have an 04 here in Michigan with 291000 miles, intermediate shaft froze up due to rust about a year and half ago. Took my air chisel and rattled the u-joint which shocked off a great deal of rust, lubed with penetrating oil and followed with a high pressure seeping grease. Spray every oil change and has been good thus far and steers like new. Will see how long this lasts, not sure what effect the grease and lube will have long term on the rubber boots.

  13. Excellent educational video. Please advise on how to extend the life of the steering shaft U-Joints, intermediate shaft and other components. A friend of mine is struggling with excessive play in the U joint of the intermediate steering shaft of 2005 Tacoma. We have tried replacing 2 of those intermediate shafts supplied by LKQ recyclers, but they all turned out to be slightly different in length. A third one is on its way. I wish there was an easy fix to tackle just the play in the U-joint itself.
    Thanks for all of you videos. Enjoy them a lot.
    Babur Ejaz

  14. For my 2012 rav4 v6 I have a knock coming from the rack, further inspection is needed to determine if the rack is bad, very odd as the vehicle only has 126000 miles on it…. The previous tsb doesn't apply to the vehicle

  15. You live in a rough weather area! 140k and rust and corrosion everywhere. Wow. I sometimes take it for granted living in Phoenix that none of this occurs here.

  16. Thanks for the video. The problem im having is the mechanic that replaced my rack didnt align the steering wheel and put together it backwards. Not taking it back since he took several months to replace the rack.

  17. I had this issue on my 4runner, it was a nightmare to remove and replace this part. I am pretty sure that this issue was a recal on the lexus gx470, but not for the 4runner, shame.

  18. Eric- I have a 2005 4RUNNER that has excessive play in the steering wheel (no binding). Could this shaft be worn out or would you suspect something else?

  19. Just replaced on my FJ, poorly placed component, left wide open to salt, no shielding, no good way to lube. Temporary fix, a few good baths of WD 40, 460 dollar part.

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