1999 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shoe Replacement (Part 2) – EricTheCarGuy

1999 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shoe Replacement (Part 2) – EricTheCarGuy

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See part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=195JUby2Uy4

As you’ve probably figured out by now this is part 2 of the 2 part series on this Tahoe brake job, it pretty much involves reassembly and a few tricks of how to get the best brake adjustment possible. Rear shoe replacement can be daunting but with a little time and the right tools it can be overcome.

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50 thoughts on “1999 Chevy Tahoe Rear Shoe Replacement (Part 2) – EricTheCarGuy

  1. Its just funny how even when I’m working on some rat eaten old farm truck its Eric who’s guiding me through the process once again. Thanks so much man!

  2. note: obs 88-20 chevy trucks never stop all right.. they do after you spend money on them, like stainless brake lines (all four corners), better master cylinder, and/ or de-activate or modify the abs system for starters. or just run into the guy or gal in front of you!! also: have great insurance! just sayin

  3. Nice video, as usual Eric!
    It bears mentioning that if you jack up the entire rear of the vehicle, instead of one side at a time, the front wheels MUST be chocked for safety as the rear wheel drive vehicle can easily roll forward or backwards if both rear wheels of the vehicle are lifted!
    Also, if the truck has a posi-track rear axle, both rear wheels need to be lifted and securely supported or you won"t be able to turn the drum to check for proper shoe fitment.

  4. you explain the process very well thanks. Have you ever thought of using grafite for the self adjusting thread? It won’t collect dust

  5. Great video helped me finish a project I didn't start , well shown.. I had watched a different channel and was worse off. The way you laid them out made all difference. Thanks

  6. Is there any way you could show how to do the lever assembly with the new Spring hardware I could not get it so I just use the old one, rite about 4:13 inbthe video. Thanks

  7. You got inside with those dirty gloves on? Not good for repeat business if the customer hasta get the car detailed after you work on it. Other than that, not a bad video.

  8. Well after watching this, I conquered the job! Mine was slightly different but your tips were great and helped me immensely! I think if you get the drum back on, your're ok. but I must admit, keeping the shoes aligned was tricky. And replacing the springs is much tougher than people think! Alas, I used regular tools so it took me over 2 hours. My adjuster works perfectly. I forget the strut piece and had to go back in and loosen my tension on one side but that was easy to resolve. One thing folks, be careful with your adjuster! My cap came off and I was going crazy trying to figure out how it got re-installed on the long spring side. Both sides have a groove that fits each shoe. Good job with all your points Eric!

  9. Very informative! Thanks for covering it so well! I have an Astro van, Same design as this. So I don't need pics only if I book mark this! Thanks again man! I will say you are one of the few on you tube that actually used the right tools. I can just follow your order point by point. One question, instead of pulling the emergency cable, wouldn't it be better to just push it down and pop it back up 5 times from the lever inside?

  10. ughh not looking forward to messing around with my wife's car's drum brakes. My car has 4-wheel disc and it looks like it's about a million times easier. 15+ years working on my own cars and I haven't once ever worked on drums.

  11. Sorry my cat jump on me. The pedal goes straight to the floor while the truck is in reverse. I later discovered that the brake line on the right rear has a tare. Could this be the problem? And if so how can I fix it.

  12. Hello Eric, I have a 1997 Chevy Tahoe LT 1500 4wd, May2014 I put new brakes on the front, right side I had to replace the rotor and the caliper, about two weeks ago, My brakes locked up, they were hot, and smoking, after they cooled down, I was able to drive, or so I thought, they locked up again. A guy helped me, he blead the brakes, and I was heading home, well they locked up again, I waited for an hour, on the road towards home, tried to stop and nothing, pedal went straight to the floor, I had to use the emergency brakes to stop. If the car is in park its cool, but once I put it in reverse pedal to the floor it still rolls backwards .

  13. Great video bud. You reiterate what I tell my sons about proper tools for proper jobs. As you said, drum brakes don't have to be screwed with much at all and this is a good refresher for old guys but best of all..a how to for the young guys coming up. 1 I have a temper and 2 hearing from someone other than dad seems to matter. Even though they've seen me build race motors and cars from the ground up…I get "I know dad" or "I don't think that's right". Kinda like a baseball coach telling them the same crap you've been telling them and all of a sudden it makes sense. I know, maybe it's my approach. Basically, good job on the videos. BTW, nice tip on taping the pads.

  14. I replaced the shoes springs and drum on my tahoe same year. I got the shoes assembled but the drum won't fit. Adjuster is all the way in. Is there a way to compress the brake cylinder in. Or is there a common mistake I made?

  15. Yes. Turn the adjuster star wheel the other direction, and squeeze the shoes together. You may need to also squeeze the shoes together at the caliper to get the ends of the caliper that push the shoes out, pushed in enough for the drum to clear.

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