LG G3: Laser Auto Focus

The LG G3 is capable of some great photos, but it’s backed by a new laser guided focusing system that makes the process incredibly fast. Josh checks it out.


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  1. hi! don't know if it's right, but i have a question about the laser autofocus of nexus 5x (not g3). the plastic laser protector lens on the phone case is absolute heart breaking. i got my phone only about a week ago, and while cleaning dust with cotton bud today, i made hundreds of micro scratches on the lens protector. it just doesn't feel right. can anyone tell me, if it is gonna affect my autofocusing experience in anyway??? 😞

  2. The laser autofocus in the G3 is absolute shit. Phone regularly goes out of focus while looking at a static object, requiring manual re-focus. You can even see it in this video. He points the phone at different objects and it doesn't react, leaving the image out of focus. Guy completely ignores it.

  3. Lg g3, z3 compact or the Z2?? I want a phone that can take some beating but still be fast. I do not want a phone which will crack or break if you drop it from like waist high… Ive heard that the Xperia phones breaks in your poket?? Is this true? Becouse i do not want a phone that breaks that easy… I need help, I tend to flip and fling my phone, Its a s3 mini and its unkilleble but ive broken the screen… I broke it in my pocket when i fell of my bike.

  4. Hola tengo un lg g3 pero por mas que he averiguado en todas partes no logro entender por que mi camara no tiene la opcion de magic focus como he visto en otros y no se a que se deba que puedo hacer? Podrias ayudarme porfavooor vi tu vídeo pero el idioma no logre entenderlo todo te lo agradecería muchisimo

  5. What if you try to focus on something through a window? Since the window reflects a lot of the light from the laser will it focus on the glass instead of what is behind it?

  6. To be fair it doesn't say that it's a review anywhere and it starts out with saying that the video is brought to you by LG, meaning it's probably going to be more of a commercial than an infomercial.

  7. I have lg g3 is awsome phone but this laser mmmmmmm i am not sure its really effects on autofocus i tried to cover this laser infred and the speed still the same why its a big lie but i dont care the autofocus is cast and thata it

  8. I had the LG G2 and just got the LG G3 yesterday. BOTH cameras do horribly with moving subjects (like my daughter). It would be great if LG could figure a way to adjust the shutter speed for anything moving. Anyone in my pics that moves just an inch or so look like they are cartoonish or their faces are melting in the pictures. I had but hated the iphone4  (NOT S) and I hated my self for not picking up the S because at the time when everyone had them their pics were so much better. After having both these LG phones, I now wish I had the iphone 4 again for pics. How sad is that? Also, yes the screen makes the pics look amazing when you view them on the phone. Upload them to your computer and it's a completely different story. Image quality is not terrible but holy cow, it's nothing like what the screen shows. I think that's a little misleading IMO.

  9. G3 is great, but the sole reason I bought the G2 is because it had an incredibly sophisticated design, the textures pleased my eyes and the overall feel of the device is incredibly detailed.

    The camera buttons' chrome, silverish style (on the app, not the Verizon version's button layout, but,that's also awesome looking) pleased my eyes and the music widget looks really cool.

    The texting is simple, but still detailed and allows you to do themes and change the bubbles.

    And whenever I'm doing something, say typing,this comment, a text,comes in a little box I can reply to right there and not have to change apps to get to it.

    LG impressed me for going with such a detailed aesthetic, so it really annoyed me when they suddenly pulled am iOS 6 to iOS 7 on me….just when I thought there was a different phone, it changes on me.

    Unless the G3 let's,you go back to that look and feel, I can't really say the upgrade is worth it. I'll use my G2 until it's done and either buy another one or look for another smartphone with a detailed interface, which I doubt is possible anymore.

    Not to say that's the only reason I got it, in time maybe I'll just wait for the G4 to see,if it returns to that look, but if I'm gonna use this phone for a,while I want to look at something I like to see every time I text someone. And the G2 just didn't fail at anything, detail, features, so many so that I will wind up getting their next flagship once,the G2 is obsolete, which fortunately won't be until at least 2016 at the latest.

    Heck, maybe not even then cause some 2007 iPhones still work today, and I imagine a small handful still use,the 3GS cause it got iOS 6 due to its,impressive hardware being fast for years.

    Idk, all I'm saying is I missed how LG was,distinguished from the simplicity of all smartphones, even the iPhone which was truly a sad day. I never thought any smartphone could be like iOS before 7 until I got,the G2 and loved,it. I only wish the G3 or,G4 have a theme option so I can continue to enjoy the phone's cool design.

    Aside from design, the G3 of course still has a crapload of features which is impressive. If I have to go simple, G3 would probably be my pick. Until then, the G2 is the way to go, especially if you're a fan of realistic looking icons and detailed UI.

  10. I plan to use this transparent plastic case but it doesn't have a hole for the laser detector. will it affect its performance?

  11. Off the subject I noticed that the laser focus lens gets scratched really easy. I've had two LG G3's already and both of the lenses are scratched and I take really good care of my phones. Just wiping it with a eye glasses cloth can scratch it

  12. I wish holding down the volume up button while the screen is off turned the torch on instead, it seems a lot more useful than Qnote or whatever it's called.

  13. Day shots in bright condition. All smartphones can focus quick in that condition.

    Try doing that in dim lighting condition and even a DSLR will struggle.

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