How To Bleed A Cooling System – EricTheCarGuy

How To Bleed A Cooling System – EricTheCarGuy

Kind of a request, I’ve described this procedure a few times in print but never made a video. As I said in the video if your having issues with a fluctuating idle, no heat, or an overheat problem you may want to start here. Also, if you have just serviced the cooling system in any way this is the procedure I recommend to fill it back up. The only regret I have with this one is the end where I didn’t shoot footage of closing up the radiator using the tool that I used in the video, I may show it at some point in the future.

Here is a link, perhaps an old link, to the “Spill Free Funnel”

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46 thoughts on “How To Bleed A Cooling System – EricTheCarGuy

  1. wille williamsson
    I don’t have oil in water or water in oil but keep getting air in my collant system. Can it still be the head gasket? It runs well for a few hours after bleeding the system but then it builds up pressure and air again.

    Ford Fiesta 2005 1.4

  2. 11 1/2 years later, an absolutely very helpful video. Unfortunately, I should have watched this a few months ago when I replaced a radiator on a Honda CRV. Your tips and tricks are awesome! Thanks Eric

  3. Great Video…I picked up one of those funnels, gonna burp my 69 BBC Camaro 'cause I put in a new radiator with eFans, new thermostat, all new hoses, new water pump, and Vintage Air. I had drained the block as best I could, also drained the old heater core before taking it out. My car never had a overflow tank or a catch can of any kind, so I think I will add catch can connected to the hose coming out of the radiator neck. What do you think Eric?

  4. My car temp gauge never goes past midway point, but I notice sometimes after I cut the car off, my coolant reservoir has a bubbling sound and coolant spews out from the neck and from under the radiator cap. My cooling fans work when the car gets up to temp. I don't know why it's doing this.

  5. Can’t believe I didn’t watch this sooner I think this may be my problem I replaced all coolant hoses and heater hoses but never bled the system which explains why it started after I did the job. Thank you I’ll update on the issue!

  6. My mercedes is the worse for this. No radiator cap. Only reservoir. So no spill kit has a cap as big as a reservoir cap. No throttle body to accelerate while not being in car. No bleeder valve. Having a hard time bleeding it out

  7. Hi Eric I have a 2015 Renault traffic 80,000 miles that heater just blows cold air ,so I flushed the the heater matrix and found oil in the system. It did heat backup a little bit for 5-10 minutes and then back cold . I had a 3 year apprentice mechanic and he is talking about head cylinders/ gaskets . €0000000
    Any idea what it could be

  8. Great channel , can I do the same thing without a funnel ?
    And I have a land-rover with a leaking intake manifold gasket , I'm gonna fix that soon , but can the vacuum leak cause coolant leak ?
    Thanks Eric

  9. Just replaced the radiator, thermostat, hoses and pump. Didn't know how to get the system full of coolant. You helped a lot. I didn't know about the bleeder plug. 2001 GMC Jimmy. I'm rebuilding my AC also. Your AC video helped with that too.

  10. 1994 honda accord ex I have bled the system change tps map sensor rapid idle valve cleaned the intake and throttle still has a irratic idle very bucking and Jenkins when you fist take of frustration is setting in should I just scrap it and go by a chevy

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