Monster Transmission Failure?

While driving my 1990 C1500 with a 4L60E built by Monster Transmission, I lost 3rd and 4th gear. I was able to get the truck back to the shop in 2nd gear fortunately.

Monster Transmission offers a 90 day warranty on their transmissions. I’m well outside of that, but they were kind enough to do a complete rebuild (according to them), but I had to pay shipping. I got the transmission back and installed it in the truck. So far, no issues, but given that Monster Transmission was not forthcoming on what the issue was with the transmission, I can only hope that it’s fixed.

What have your experiences been with Monster Transmission?

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27 thoughts on “Monster Transmission Failure?

  1. i bought a 700r4 from monster and when i installed it took it for a test drive and it shifted so hard i thought it was normal for being a medium build on their transmissions, im guessing they added a corvette servo. havent driven the truck in years because i ran into a fuel issue cant figure out where its not connecting and letting the pump not run. but while i was messing around with that i noticed the transmission had fluid coming from the pan bolts. i still havent had time to mess with anything… my transmission came with a 3 year 100k mile warranty and i had to register it but never did. im outside of warranty anyways

  2. Glad it worked out! Looks like a fun truck. As a service technician myself (not on cars) the "NPF" is frequently used…..sometimes true, sometimes not but thats business….lol

    I agree with some other comments here……take a look at Precision Transmission channel on here……they do a ton of GM transmissions like the 4L60s and Richard is amazing with his vast knowledge and quality and make some great videos sharing his tips and know how. But they won't do carry outs or send them out to be installed by any regular Joe. Im always amazed by how these automatics work and function.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for the Video Eric. I have an older transmission swap in my near future (TH350) and fluid level is a hard beast to nail right. (The failed unit got drained and refilled twice before I conceded it was a dead) So your tip will certainly help me on that THANKS 🙂 Also, LOVED the musical interlude when you were reinstalling! So 80s sound. 😀 (I think you make your own music for your videos right?) Anyway, your videos rock as always Eric! Keep up the great work!

  4. You are making a mistake sending the transmission back. Between the cost of the shipping vs the cost of going through it is going to be more than looking through it yourself and figuring out what stupid thing Monster did (or didn't) do. They're terrible. I'm not at all surprised that it took a dump on you.

  5. Sorry, Monster is living on mythological reputation from years ago. And TV, media & YouTube plugs. They don't build high quality transmission anymore. Maybe high price but not the build quality you'd expect for the price. Got to be a few local guys who care more, know more & build better trans than Monster. Especially for high torque & Hp engines. Disappointing to say the least. But I could be wrong, power nation seem to get great units every time & I doubt they're paying retail…

  6. I spent over 1k on a monster rebuild kit for a 4l60E. The parts they sent me weren't even for my model year transmission. I had to reuse a bunch of stuff, tolerances were off, diagrams were practically useless, etc. etc. Low and behold, I lose 3rd and 4th after a couple hundred miles. Garbage parts, garbage customer service, and they essentially told me "that's your problem" when I called to complain. I would not recommend anyone do business with them, scummy company built entirely on hype.

  7. Eric looks like monster did an okay job but you never mentioned whether or not they charged you to rebuild it or did they do it gratis because of the failure. Three four clutch failures are very very common in 4l60s and 700r4s.

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