Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1 : Multitasking – Feature Focus

Feature Focus – Recent apps screen not doing it for you? The new Galaxy Note devices bring enhanced multitasking for your needs. Josh takes you through two methods of multitasking on the Galaxy Note 3 and the 10.1 tablet.

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50 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and 10.1 : Multitasking – Feature Focus

  1. Josh I just requested to follow you on Instagram also. I just watched your video on the micro sd card reader that you used in the Nexus 5 video. Keep the great videos coming. I'm an avid gadgets "maniac" who is trying to get to your knowledge level!!!

  2. Note 3 and 10.1 are for students and busy professionals, S pen is a mighty weapon of Sammy to conquer the world. What's wrong with the other competitors? Are they sleeping or what? They need to come up with some anti-Sammy antidotes really quick.

  3. uhm the note 3 display isnt 4k and there are not many 4k displays that would utilize this feature also the phone wouldnt have enough memory oh and good luck trying to upload the 4k video online 😛

  4. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the best smartphone of 2013 and 2014. I got it and I know this is true. USB 3.0 is so fast at charging and data transfer. I can zoom in on 4K videos and still get better than 1080p quality.

    The camera on the Galaxy Note 3 is so advanced. Can record 4K video at 30FPS and 1080p video at 60 FPS. No other smartphone camera can do this.


  5. No more floating windows just side by side view? Biggest mistake Samsung ever made along with the physical buttons. The old one is better. If I want retina display, I buy Ipad, thats not what I wanted in the new note 10.1.

  6. nah now not as many as before buy now because it can't do the trick anymore. Sammy tablet 10.1 2014 really rock with many features,better display and way better performance than both air and mini2 .

  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 edition) is way better than any iPad (even the Air).

    It has everything you need for a tablet NOT just floating static application like in ANY iPad…

    People buy APPLE products because of it looks & and logo at the back…

    Accept it or NOT, this tablet CAN DO MORE than an iPad…

  8. The most I use my phone for is texting of course, watching videos on youtube and movies on Netflix and HBOgo. Oh and I shop, I do a lot of online shopping, so my Galaxy S3 serves me just fine. I'm not upgrading to GS4 coz I just know the GS5 is coming soon. And anyway I'm not one of those ppl that just have to have a new phone every six months, even if I can afford it. Its dumb, if u love your phone and its working perfect, why get a new one…I don't get it. I can see that every cpl yrs or so

  9. Id looooove to get the Note3 but its too big for me. My Galaxy S3 is already too big. I don't like cell phones to be so big. Ughhh why can't they make a Note for us ppl who like a smaller phone, there are many ppl who hate hugeass cellphones.

  10. hey, i need some help.
    how can i transfer bigger video files (150 MB and up) from my htc one s to my nexus 7?
    with bluetooth it takes about 15 minutes and i don’t want to e-mail the Video to myself or upload it on YouTube just to watch it on the bigger screen.
    thank you

  11. I completely agree with you, but they shouldn't call it multitasking. I know it wouldn't be good to call it "recent apps", but they should come to know that multitasking is doing 2 things at once, not switching between apps.

  12. If you want a big screen, and a phone that can last you really long go for the Note 3 but if you prefer an average sized phone with stock android and get updates quickly straight from Google the go for the Nexus 5. It all depends on what you really need. I hope I helped you! 🙂

  13. Why isn't this in the damn spotlight? Phones should be competing for who has this feature the best, not crappy recent apps which Apple call "multitasking". I swear most companies are misled by what the word multitasking means. It means to do 2 things simultaneously, not the recent apps bullsh*t.

  14. Note 3 multitasking is pretty cool on you hdmi monitor…check it out:

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