Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach

“The violence, destruction and chaos we saw earlier was unacceptable, undemocratic and un-American,” said the House minority leader.


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41 thoughts on “Kevin McCarthy delivers remarks on Capitol breach

  1. Eric Swalwell should be removed for being in the intelligence committee and having an affair with an Chinese spy. And had a Chinese spy working in his office. And Diane Feinsteins had a 20 year Chinese spy as her driver. Adam Bullsniffers having communications with Russians having fake peeper tapes. So Charles HYPOCRICY is BIGLY.

  2. Mccarthy saying on social media that just because you(someone) they're own personal opinion but they should be allowed to say it.Sure. however it doesn't give you the right to speak lies, to throw out any conspiracy theory you wish,to giving alternative facts.Thats the problem Mccarthy, but you apparently just want to ignore.

  3. ABC = ALL BULL CRAP ….Tell the truth, the violence started with ANTIFA in Oregon taking our streets, the Democrats never cried about that. Also, Antifa was involved in the capital breach. TELL THE TRUTH

  4. Anyone who believes that it is easier to walk into the Capitol Building, specially on that day, then to walk into Disneyland is naïve or stupid. We need to follow the money to determine who paid those violent "protesters"

  5. One of the most notable reasons for the dems holding their majority is that, they have nearly complete control of their members. Power is the key, and not one of them dares to break ranks and risk losing their power. The consequences are not revealed to the public, but we can guess that they are severe enough, because it is so rare to see a break. It doesn't matter how wrong their agenda is, they just stick together and keep a straight face as they lie to the camera. Just picture the very same people calling for defunding the police, now demanding police do their job. And the very same people justifying violence and looting and burning cities under the guise of "peaceful protest", now condemning violence and demanding charges and imprisonment for the violence and vandalism.
    Watching the 10 repubs turn tail and follow the fake narrative of the pre-planned dem agenda to falsely accuse, one more time and place blame on the POTUS for the breach and violence at the capital, is sickening. This was as accurate as blaming the dems for the violence because they covered for the fraud and enraged the disenfranchised voters.
    McCarthy is an experienced leader and should know better than to show weakness and feign righteousness. By siding with the party that has been trying every corrupt method to impeach and frame the POTUS since before he won the election in 2016, for so many different false charges, he adds fuel to there fire of false charges and zero evidence. What he has done by siding with the corrupt lying criminal dems, is to show he is not capable being patient to analyze the facts or even understand the trap he was falling for. He failed his party and not even the dems would take him now. He is a weak confused fool and can't be trusted to support any party.
    Kevin McCarthy and the ten repubs who voted to impeach Trump, must be stripped of any committee assignments and told to resign. Name a POTUS that could have accomplished so much after all the false charges and constant false accusations? DJT continued to achieve so many of his campaign promises under the most fierce 24/7 attacks from so many different sources, he proved himself the most fit for the job, ever seen in our history. After accomplishing so much while being wrongly attacked, this is the final kick in the teeth for 4 years of extremely stressful non paid work.

  6. Kevin McCarthy is a hypocrite Unity? Where were you the last 4 years? How about the last 9 most when cities destroyed? Business? You did nothing How about the last 250 nights in #PortlandRiots How about the 113 Agents who were almost blinded in #PortlandProtest The national guard when. President Trump brought them in to protect to our National Monuments & Mayor Bowser kicked them out of hotel & had to sleep on sidewalks. What a hypocrite you all are RESEARCH

  7. Trumpers are fueled by hate. They will believe whatever and will do whatever their king trump says. Democrats or republicans, should not matter. We serve America we fight for each other.

  8. Imagine planning a riot for 6 weeks. Imagine driving all the way to DC.

    Imagine, for all your effort, being abandoned by the President who incited you

    Imagine being ratted out AS ANTIFA by your friends who stayed home, and thought leaders like Sara Palin and Maria bartimorororo.

    Imagine the FBI PURSUING YOU, not for a medal of freedom, but to LOCK YOU UP TO STAND TRIAL FOR SEDITION.

    This is how Rats, when cornered on a sinking ship, devour one another in their desperation to avoid drowning.

  9. We have had mobs all summer long. Throwing molotovs, burning police stations, churches, bibles, flags, breaking into business, steal, destroy it, burn cities, autonomous zones where people got killed. They had a government building under seige for 100 days. Dems called that their 1A right. Dems do not give a flip what you say Kevin. They have already proved it. Now they are attempting a coup against the President of the United States. They know the destruction and harm came from ANTIFA. They do not care. Pelosi could not stand the fact no matter what she tried she could not remove Trump. She was going nuts over it. Saying anything she could to anger Trump and the right. Seems I remember Oct. 24th 2018 multi thousands of left wingers storm the capital with Congress in session during the Kavanaugh confirmation. I remember Schumer threatening 2 Supreme Court Justices if they tried to overturn killing babies in the womb. Seems I remember a play called Hamilton where they were stabbing the President to death. Seems I remember Kathy Griffin holding a bloody looking severed Trump head and holding it like ISIS held the heads of decapitated people. So many things the left did. What happened at the capital is the work like the work ANTIFA did all summer. Dems do not care. Where is Mr. Unifier. Gonna unify the country? This country will be more divided that ever. We will show the same respect to Mr. Unifier as the Dems showed to Trump.

  10. McCarthy and most of your Republicans helped to build up anti democratic forces. Now you try to wash your hands. Pontius Pilate would be proud of you. You are a disgrace to your Irish name but you are not Irish.

  11. " . . .Unacceptable, Undemocratic and UnAmerican . . .", particularly the UnAmerican part. the republican party is not only UnAmerican, they're Anti-American! It's always the case that, those who Proclaim their Patriotism and wave the Flag were the same ones that attempted to overthrow American Democracy..

  12. It's extraordinary how McCarthy and others who recently stood with Trump's seditious statements can so easily about face.

    And even now, McCarthy is scared of doing the right thing. Vote for impeachment. He belongs to the Neville Chamberlain school of political thought.

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