Angry Detroit Citizens Are Fed Up | Parking Wars | Full Episode (S4, E8) | A&E

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Kim runs into verbal abuse from angry Detroit citizens who think the city is to blame for their tickets in Season 4, Episode 8, “(#55)”. #ParkingWars
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Viewers get behind-the-scenes on-the-street perspective, as employees of Philadelphia Parking Authority go on their daily rounds, frequently dealing with irate locals as the workers issue citations, boot vehicles and tow cars. The series also follows the ticket-writers and booters of Detroit’s Municipal Parking Department.

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46 thoughts on “Angry Detroit Citizens Are Fed Up | Parking Wars | Full Episode (S4, E8) | A&E

  1. I love how everyone in the world is told the same instructions over and over, but is seemingly unable to do it. Keep updated insurance and registration in your car at all times, you can have a copy on your person, keep your license and ID on you at all times, also up to date…I've only been driving a few years and knew all that before getting my first car…this show exemplifies how people only waste time and money trying to get around certain and specific rules

  2. If you can, park in a paid private lot. Here in NJ it is almost imposable for the police to tow a car without the owner of the lot to call the police on the car itself. I never park on city streets. It may cost between $5 to $20 for the lot but better than an ulcer and paying those crazy ticket prices on say a meter that runs down too fast or use your mobile phone and it does not register on those dumb handheld devices and get a big fat tickets that cities and town love to get because they know most will just pay it off to get the city/town off their backs. It's a cash cow. Paying for parking on a street that your tax dollars already paid for.

  3. I think if I was these people that got tickets on this episode I would take the video footage into 9th & Filber & show that the officers are sitting in their vehicles writing tickets!!!! Get out so people see ur doing that & it gives them a chance to stop them b4 they enter the plate!

  4. Legalized theivery. This show made me hate the state. Judgment of God upon PPA and everyone of them for unjustly in most circumstances. "This is what I do" like a Natzi just doing their job.

  5. Lesson: Obey the law. When you don't obey they law you lose freedom, peace of mind, time and money. It's that simple. The rest of us obey the law and don't have the problems you created for yourself. We have peace of mind by obeying the law.

    Any questions?

  6. If you think that the drivers that are getting these tickets for taking people to dialysis are turning those tickets into the company you must be living in Disneyland the drivers are throwing them away the company probably don’t even know they have tickets

  7. If the citizens think the city is to blame for their tickets, then why do they vote in the same bad politicians that make up the laws?? It's not the people enforcing the law, it's the politicians making the law.. Go after those that cause the problem. People in Detroit need to be smart about this.

  8. It's only ok for the chicks at the beauty salon, the parents going to their job, etc to go to their jobs, but not the parking authority.
    On a side 📝 what's them blue ball things in that chicks hair 7:10?

  9. Who would want to live in Philadelphia and Detroit there's a Democrat Mafia running the city stealing the money from the citizens and philly has a what a 16 hours of tickets going out daily 5 days a week that's organized racket to the core and it looks like there cashing in a tone of Cash

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