They FIT….and DAMN They Look Good!

It’s finally HAPPENING! The Unicorn C5 build has officially begun and we here at 1320Video couldn’t be more excited! The Huron Speed twin turbo kit has finally been unboxed and fitted to the engine. Not only that, but the disassembly of the Unicorn C5 has also begun by removing the engine and getting it prepped for the twin turbo powerplant! The guys over at The Shop, Inc. have been hard at work getting the Unicorn lined out for it’s new engine and transmission. The Thompson Motorsports engine is getting ready to be dropped in and push the Unicorn C5 down the street!

The Race Will Be Going Down HERE:

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– The Shop, Inc.:
– Huron
– Thompson Motorsports:
– RPM Transmissions:
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39 thoughts on “They FIT….and DAMN They Look Good!

  1. Hoping cleetus goof up and both of you don't forget your really buddies!!! His head is narrow and your is wide….BUT my head is so big that I had to crawl backwards for 3 years before I could walk!!! Just laugh at the bumps in the road because they are GOLD!!!

  2. Thing is, do it for Dale, bald eagles, murica etc is merely a farce. I bet the accent is fake too. Real name cleetus? Doubt that too.
    Playing on hillbilly hearts is real tho, and he's definitely doing that.

  3. This man either has no time or he is no real gear head if he was he would know more then half the fun is working on whatever you like to drive shot I will race in a garbage can if its fast enough

  4. Wow you are a Dick and an envious employer if it was not for cleetus WHERE WOULD YOU BE NOW HE HAS ALL THE CARS AND HE HAS THE NAME EVERYONE KNOWS YOU GAVE UP ON THAT BULLSHIT NEW BUILD i love 1320 tighten up guys love the show!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. You said something somebody being a better driver. Well I've seen both of you shift really slooowwww. I am qualified to say that.

  6. Kyle did you buy my 99 black trans am in pasadena or deer park tx it was damaged in the rear quarter panel? I was told it was stripped as a parts car and they had trouble with the title. It has a raptor hood from suncoast.. one of the few with a auburn pro locker 3.73 and a 4l60e stage 1. I got screwed for 4500 from a mexican kid who sold it to a white dude with no hair and he came over with my sub box custom leather trans am case was so nice of him on Xmas day, I literally was almost in tears.. miss her so much…. I still have a piece of her I guess may be I'll get a real title ws6 and or firehawk before they get into the realm of ridiculous prices when time goes by

  7. hey what'd you do with your old unicorn engine? donate it to me so I can swap my v6 from my 2000 Chrysler 300m to make the ultimate sleeper. I plan on LS swapping. just don't have the money atm

  8. Can't wait to see this thing run, but i am really curious about one thing…aren't those turbos bit too close to the engine block? I mean, can turbo heat affect your engine performance?
    Would be great if someone who actually knows could answer me this one, i would like to know. Thanks!

  9. I once checked a 302ci DZ block chev that was just rebuilt & put in a chevy 2 , that car was way nice , someone put so much paint on where the numbers were & stamped FORD in the paint , owner didn't believe me,  he never checked     true story

  10. That thumb nail!!! That's the face he makes when the girl finally believes he's a producer and starts taking her clothes off…

  11. ive only been watching cletus's channel for a few months and this is the first video of yours ive seen and i have to say i much better like where your mounting your "turbskies" than the way he mounted them on leroy…. how on earth he plans on seeing out that windshield is beyond me lol…

  12. As much as I wanna see the race between them… am I the only one who thinks it'll make things awkward or start actual beef between them!?? Those "lowblows" clearly got to Kyle….

  13. Idk…..all the "Low blow" talk just seems like you guys are lil weenies. Man up and take the heat, you have 10 second cars for christ sake…i've seen kids on MOPEDS get roasted with more dignity….lighten up. it's all fun.

  14. It's nice to have a bunch of money and help to throw at these projects instead of doing the work yourself. Maybe I'm just jealous, but I prefer to put the work in on my own car. Even if it doesn't get done right, (as long as it's safe of course) I'd rather do it myself. I'm sure this will be a beast anyway.

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