House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s confident Joe Biden will become president-elect

The speaker also updated the status of the latest coronavirus relief bill.


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43 thoughts on “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she’s confident Joe Biden will become president-elect

  1. Shes a lunatic !how does someone so full of hatred and stupidity get so much power? Shes a criminal who needs to go retire but the older more cynile the better to run the government

  2. If Biden had run in the 2015-16 election season with Bernie Sanders on the ticket in 2016, Trump would’ve never even become the Republican nominee because they would’ve propped up Jeb Bush, instead because Jeb would’ve had a better chance at defeating Biden, though Biden would’ve still ultimately won. Unfortunately, she blackmailed Obama to convince Biden not to run in 2016. It wasn’t Obama’s decision. It was Pelosi who blackmailed him, thanks to Sarah Palin.

  3. she is so hypocritical and double standard .She said there is a beautiful sight to behold in Hk during the riots in Hk from 2019-2020.She encouraged and praised the rioters for their courage in anti government rebellion.

  4. ABC “news” is so disappointing. No coverage of the disenfranchised MILLIONS and 10’s of MILLIONS of ACTUAL voters due to illegal election results. Crimes committed in high places going unreported by mainstream media. Misleading so many people!

  5. In 2004 Mrs. Pelosi supported an objection to Bush winning OH: “People must have confidence that every vote legally cast will be legally counted and accurately counted. But constantly shifting vote tallies in Ohio and malfunctioning electronic machines, which may not have paper receipts, have led to additional loss of confidence by the public. As elected officials, we have a solemn responsibility to improve our election system and its administration. We cannot be here again four years from now discussing the failings of the 2008 election.” So, what changed, Nancy?

  6. “I have no doubt that on next Wednesday, a week from today, that Joe Biden will be confirmed by the acceptance of the vote of the Electoral College as the 46th President of the United States,” Pelosi told reporters.

    She would not elaborate when asked by reporters. She has "no doubt." Hmmm…. I think she has some doubts. Kamala Harris still has NOT resigned the senate. More and more evidence of voter fraud coming out of Georgia. Something is coming. It's going to be big

  7. Hey Nancy what will u do when trump do martial law good luck fight that trump have more power still the military gonna take over the government now joe Biden will never be president he don’t know what he is doing or what he is talking about joe Biden needs to retire u can’t Handel USA 🇺🇸 u been in government for 48 years u didn’t do anything. Biden talk about weather and higher taxes why joe Biden u don’t fix the debt clock $22 trillion dollars who will pay that.

  8. Joe Biden can't bring people together any more than he can bring his thoughts together. Nancy Pelosi is speaker of the house, but she can't even speak. This is the best that America has to offer? God help us if it is, because under that kind of leadership we're done.

  9. Pelosi agrees that Biden should allow Transgender students to use locker rooms and restrooms of the identity they choose. Are you serious? I mean why even seperate the genders at all if they are allowed in each other's locker room? A girl identifying as a boy is still going to have boobs and a vagina in high school. She does not need to be in a boys locker room changing. Regardless of what she believes. The fact is her body does not belong in a boys locker room! And if her parents feel otherwise they need to do home school.

  10. 73.8mill lawless american votes for Binden. Sad indeed. Shows us where the peoples mind and heart condition is. May God prevail over this lawless nation. Pray and dont give into their lawlesness.

  11. Yeah I bet she was confident Biden would win because the old bitch was in on the plan to rig the election. Thing is Trump won't concede and he'll throw the country into civil war to insure that the enemies of this country who are in the pockets of Beijing won't take over our government again. Their is plenty of evidence that points to a vast conspiracy to overthrow our government through the election and these bastards would have gotten away with it if it was anybody else in Office besides Trump. See you traitors on the front lines.

  12. How u get her out of congress.
    She not helping people in a world crisis. Waiting on her people or dying. While she play politics.
    Nancy have to get out. People are holding on to there lives. Every min. Hour day. Blame her before u die. Stay strong OMG

  13. Your wrong you old Bitty bitch go lay down . And hopefully you stay that way . Lying cheating old hag . We the people hate you and no you didn't win no war . We are still here .

  14. The midia Oveusly thinks this has everything to do with dems against reps. No wrong. Its about all of our amarican rights that have and are being messed with. Trump supporters can thank god for the U.S.A. unlike midia propaganda that is brain washing amarica, is not being patriotic to use the amarican people. Thats what this is about. Not your political ways, But freedome, if we dont stand up as a United amarican then all lives sacrificed for you and me on the ground we all stand on is all for nothing. Its time amaricans become together and fight for truth and justice. You the midia lie to us and i see right through you. I'v have had enoff. I thank everyone that has the balls enoff to stand up to you all. TV Fake news. You are dividing us. Trump right about that. Stop playing with me. I dont like it. GOOGEL "GOD BLESS THE U.S.A." IF YOU DONT AGREE WITH THAT SONG THEN YOUR ON THE WRONG GROUND. THATS TRUTH. I WILL GIVE YOU A THUMS DOWN 👎 NOW. ✌ OUT. MIC DROP…

  15. Better believe she’s confident, her husband is part owner of the counting machines. It’s rigged, they will stop at nothing. They are vile evil people, and btw- face it, there will beNO TRANSITION BECAUSE TRUMP WON PERIOD! Just because you deny voter fraud, ballot harvesting, call the Hammer and scorecard “ conspiracy, doesn’t make it untrue- the NSI, and ex or Ret. CIA – the very people involved in its creation saw it at work and that’s how hey realized YOU PELOSI are involved in the bullshit. When 19k votes suddenly switched on live tv from Trump to Biden – people were watching. Head Nazi Pelosi, with her little minions Schumer and Schiff belong in THE BIG HOUSE NOT THE WHITE HOUSE- for a short stay before a very advertised very public execution- preferably by hanging rather than firing squad.. firing squad I’d to easy, to quick- they need to suffer

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