Watch The Prosecution’s Opening Statement In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC News

During his opening statement, attorney Jerry Blackwell argued that the prosecution will be able to prove that former police officer Derek Chauvin “betrayed his badge” and oath during George Floyd’s arrest and death on May 25, 2020.
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Watch The Prosecution’s Opening Statement In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC News


Author: phillyfinestnews


25 thoughts on “Watch The Prosecution’s Opening Statement In Derek Chauvin Trial | NBC News

  1. The defense attorney's opening statement is complete bs. He says there's reasonable doubt wtf when someone who is being pinned down like he was and says he can't breathe and u ignore his pleas he wasn't the only officer there him keeping the pressure on not letting up or restraining Floyd in another way. Mind u the man was not armed is murder plain and simple. The only question that should be what type of murder this was. George Floyd's family deserve justice dont deny them this

  2. As a forensic scientist watching police body cam it's clear to see Mr floyd was felling the effects of the drugs he was taking. I do believe the officer will be found not guilty of murdering George floyd. He clearly overdosed.

  3. Im shocked to see so many people defend the cop. George Floyd was no angel and definitely no saint his criminal record definitely proves it. However Derek Chauvin is exactly what is wrong with the police state of this country. He clearly did not care and a man died. Who ever defends him is clearly a boot licker. This man could have done a bunch of other things but instead chose to keep his knee on the mans neck and a smirk on his face. You can clearly see he didn’t care he’s definitely guilty of a crime, the problem is which crime? I say murder but not sure which degree. Definitely not 1st degree. 2nd degree might stick although 3rd degree can be easier to prove. However if that man walks away a free man every cop in the entire country better watch out they’re all gonna have a target on their back.

  4. You'd figure the by standards would sue for the nightmare they witnessed an the powerlessness they probably felt not being able to help out of fear they'd be killed too

  5. I certainly hope this prosecutor can speak better than this when he interviews witnesses on the stand. This presentation and affect is unimpressive.

  6. The action of a knee to anyone's neck is wrong. That said, The Black civil leaders, BLM, Black preachers, and Black politicians must be FAIR. George Floyd invited the law for passing a forged $20 bill, he is high on illegal drugs, and +ve for COVID infection. These contribute to the whole scenario. Do not just focus on the knee to the neck.

    But as Richard Pryor said A FEW YEARS….like 30…. Cops don't shoot cars…they shoot 🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤐🤫🤫🤐🤐🤐

  8. Get wasted, get in a car, try to drive, get stopped by police, act like a fool, have a panic attack because you are overdosing on fentanyl. Play stupid games win stupid prizes.

    The city of Minneapolis can burn for all I care. And it will. The City pays George Floyd’s family $27,000,000. Weak liberal minds in tha city. And no one is going to do anything about it.

  9. The moment he said Chauvin took his very last breath, he lost. Because the evidence is floyd passed out and later resuscitated at the hospital then died at a later time. Facts are facts.

  10. LOL cops always let the victim bleed out , then call ems , so they can claim the victim died at the hospital and not in their hands. so what i see is they made up an excuse already claiming he needed a BANDAID for his nonexistant booboo when actually they had his death planned in advanced like sandra bland. they plan on killing you just for being in contact. thats why 4 people sat on george not one but 4. they should all be on trial. klannish minds would dictate otherwise cause klan dont like to see cops get time. klan dont go to jail. so if this thing aquits that means klan has a hand innit. you all watch the same video i did. whats the question here? they kilt him. so whats to question? hes not alive. it seems klan is in denial that george is dead. like this trial is to certify george is dead. its like that song WASNT ME………………………… by shaggy

  11. This trial is overwhelming to rewatch for many people who this case has touched. This case involves Mr. Chauvin who has being tried with the brutal murder of Mr. Floyd! For the trollers trying to have your own spin on this matter, I will say the following:

    This was pure RACISM and SAVAGERY! No other water-down explanation explains this brute savagery that “squeezed George Floyd’s life out of him.” Karma is the sort of thing that is happening to Mr. Chauvin, who was comfortable kneeling on George Floyd even long after he was nonresponsive, for it seems he had done it before to too many other BLACK males and other defenseless people. The sheer savagery and obliviousness that murdered Floyd. Any notion or focus on dehumanizing Mr. Floyd to change the narrative will not work. ASK yourself what and who is on trial right now, as that may help you regain clarity instead of any other current delusional realities. Then again, that requires you to be a sensible human being!

  12. Satan is really, I don’t understand how people proud of killing others 🤷‍♀️ God is really and judgment is there to everyone who commit sins end of this life there are anything waiting for you guys, I will do better and great during my lives life .

  13. 9:29! Great even longer under his fat knee. Perhaps since its just police tactics, if they sentence him to die maybe they can take a knee on him. I only watched George die 1 time! I can't watch a second without me becoming irate and not believing in the law at all.

  14. disliked because the actual opening statement was way longer and this doesn't even show any of the good parts, i encourage everyone who wants to see it to go watch the entire thing, not this 2 minute bs that shows not even any of the high points of it

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