In Breonna Taylor case, two different accounts of what happened when she died | Nightline

Sgt. Jon Mattingly was one of seven officers who forced their way into Taylor’s home in March. Kenneth Walker was asleep beside her. The two share very different accounts of what happened that night.



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42 thoughts on “In Breonna Taylor case, two different accounts of what happened when she died | Nightline

  1. Me: 👁 👁 Amazon, Barnes & Noble & any other place that sells his book…
    🖊 ✍🏼
    Review: Worst book I’ve ever read! Don’t waste ur money. Trash. Not worth the paper it was printed on. Massive grammatical errors. Full of lies. This author is side stepping the Son of Sam/notoriety-for-profit law in writing about his crime.

  2. They were shoting like they were in video game and you seeing here playing the victim card him and his department are covering up the truth

  3. NO DUMB***" SHE WOULD BE ALIVE IF YALL KNEW WHAT YALL WERE DOING…why is this a problem…oh yeah…this dumb cop is trying to get a check…gotcha

  4. He does not care…except if he has to go to jail for it…..HES SUING KENNETH ….of course he wants to talk…he wants to make money…guess poor police officer! If he had a better than a dumbass southern lawyer…he would sue the department for bad intel that put his "hero" ass in a situation where he killed an innocent women….but ya know…she's just a black woman that has an ex who was a drug guy so…not really that important…right dumbass?

  5. Our, so called, "law enforcement" in this country has evolved into a highly dangerous series of street gangs. So many accounts and actual videos of egomaniacal psychopathic freaking thugs treating citizens as if we're a lower form of life; expendable lower life forms, no less!

    34 shots in response to 1 fired by a homeowner in self defense…Panicky little cowards should be kept far away from any kind of lethal force. One day these sick pigs may just push the American public too far and wind up getting a hefty dose of their own brand of unchained violence.

    My words are surely harsh, I know. That in mind, I know that there are good officers with high integrity and genuine courage…What are you guys doing to improve this situation and protect, serve, and stand up for the law-abiding, hard working, unassuming public?

  6. I'm sorry, but how can you complain that no one rushed in to help her if the man that was sitting with her says she's already dead. And also, how can he say "I did nothing wrong" after he just shot at a police officer?

  7. This guy is ridiculous. 30 fucking shots??!!!!!!! What a joke shot an innocent woman and for what? It was a search warrant and instead it ended up in loss of life. Ken nearly got charged when a police officer shot an innocent woman wtf?!

  8. Oh my god, this narcissistic officer is such a no good liar. He has no integrity nor any honor. Prison is where he should be. He is straight up evil.

  9. Watch the video of Kenneth outside the house… he says breanna shot at the police.
    How did she get shot but he didn’t if he was out front shooting?

  10. Somebody is lying whether it be Kenneth or the officer. The officer said he knocked announced and Walker said wasn't announced

  11. I am bothered by 2 things . I did some digging myself and they had been watching them for weeks and had evidence of drugs being transferred back and forth . Why did they wait till late in the night to arrest anyone ? They could of done it multiple times safely .Anyone would think that bad stuff was happening if your door gets kicked down in the middle of the night . No knock warrants are bad idea . They didn't really know who was involved to what extent and I don't care if you are breaking the law it doesn't mean you deserve to get killed. Now the other thing that bothers me is they said " then white cops went in to clear the house" . That's the media trying to divide the public again . Cops went in and cleared the house them being white isn't the issue in my opinion the issue is they have a culture of cover thy ass and will lie to make it justified that they killed someone when they could of die it so many safer ways . More training then more training then some more training cause they think everyone who's not a cop is a criminal. And police culture has a natural bias against black people no matter if the cops black or white themselves .I was pulled over a million times cause one of my buddies I rode to work with is black and they just knew something was going on with a white dude and black dude riding together . Gotta be a drug deal . That was the first thing they asked . Any drugs in the car ? Right from jump start . So I know they profile . Need to change the whole police way of thinking not everyone is a criminal and those who are have rights and are still citizens and human and deserve to keep their lives .

  12. I want to slap the taste of the Sergeants fuking mouth. I am FUMING! It’s no wonder people want to defund the police. I’m so disgusted!!! It was so dark “I couldn’t see but I could see the tip of his gun and see exactly how they were both standing…” what? He’s a walking contradiction GTFOH!!!!

  13. The most disturbing part of this video is Kenneth crying asking if Breonna is alive. Not only hearing him crying but scream in pain. Say her name.

  14. Blame is with Walker..not police. Sorry Kenneth, you should be in jail for shooting at police when given a several warnings

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  16. This has nothing to do with race. this is just one big misunderstanding a a series of unfortunate events. Anyone who says that this was because of racist cops is a racist themselves and is a complete and utter moron. u r the reason why we have the hate in the world today and the racial tensions that we see when u say this was because of race.

  17. Oh my goodness! Walker responsible? Are you people insane?
    This is exactly another example why so many people have been mentally driven to a point of exhaustion and can rationalize "defund the police".
    Frankly I cannot join that attitude.
    However B. Taylor was killed; perhaps a charge of murder may be more precise.
    In my opinion the guilt is on the shoulders of that police department's commanding officers right in down to the senior officer who supervised the forced entry into B. Taylor's home that night.
    The "shooter" was a shooter; first in through a shattered door and very ready to fire. The following officers seemed to equally be participating in this hunting party otherwise why is the name of any stretch of the word "reason" was a fusillade of rounds rained into the hallway of that little apartment?
    This is nonesensical, pure nonsense!
    The entire procedure of that rent being served is an insult to intelligence!
    Who dreamed that one up, the gangs of SS who worked and murdered under Hitler 1937-45?
    Mr. Police Chief, have you not any sense of shame, disgust, guilt, or a feeling that "something is wrong here".
    And Mr. Police Chief, who adopted such a crummy Gestapo type procedure into your Predicts "standards of operations"?
    The first Officer through the door and the others behind with blazing guns are reminiscent of the St. Valentine's Day massacre. Thirty rounds?!
    You, Mr. Police executive, and all other such persons charged with command that is primarily in place to protect the PUBLIC and not cause undue harm to agents of the Police force, You are the root cause of this disgusting drama of death and the ensuing protests that carried into violence!
    If B. Taylor was your daughter, and there was a warrant set for a late entry into your daughter's residence, would you have condoned this action in the first place?
    Reportedly there wasn't any proof. The entire fiasco was carried out on a "suspicion"?
    If B. Taylor's residence happened to be in a "white" ghetto, then what might have been the plan?
    I'm white, I speak an African language, I have lived as the only white person within an area of tens of thousands of African people. Yet the Police there never in a space of 20+ years ever smashed in my door to shoot me or my family.
    What's the problem here in these racist United States if America? The seeds planted way back in the 1680s continue to sprout the flowers of violence and deceitfulness when we address our multicultural situations?
    B. Taylor, in my opinion, was murdered, no accident.
    Slaughtered by a stupid procedure designed and sanctioned by officials who somehow are the guardians of our collective security.
    This methodology and motivation explains only a part of this Nation's social illnesses.
    Tell us all, really, stand up and tell us all just "Who" is ultimately responsible for the violent premeditated demise of Ms B. Taylor. Go ahead!

  18. When police properly bang on a door trust me everyone hears it I was at a motel sleeping all I hear is bang bang bang police I thought they were at my door I jump out and loudly say I am coming to the door I open it and the police are 7 doors down I stare at one and say good God I thought you were at my door and I am not mad just doing their job, don't believe this ex cop

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