Trump vs. Biden on the issues: Election security | ABC News

An overview of the presidential candidates’ positions on various issues.

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  2. VP DEBATE : Harris got her ass handed to her by VP Pence. Kameltoe Hairy got DESTROYED ! Pence busted her on several lies. “You can have your opinion, you CAN’T have your own facts”. Well done Pence, for showing America what she stands for and what she’ll do if elected. Democrats lose yet again. 🙀

  3. One day Biden walks into a doctors office with both of her ears burnt.
    The doctor askes her what had happened.
    He says, "well… when I was ironing my work suit the phone rang and I mistakanly picked up the iron instead of the phone.
    "Well that explains one ear, but what about the other."
    "The bastard called again"

  4. Seven of Trump's right wing racist extremists that had been plotting to start a civil war, the Wolverine Watchmen, were just arresting by the FBI.
    Fox News:

    In other news:
    🌀 Hurricane Delta is now in 84 degree water and headed towards Lake Charles where half of the homes are covered with blue tarps. With sheet metal and projectiles still laying around everywhere it's going to be very dangerous, so please evacuate now!

    Trump robbed FEMA so he could attempt to buy votes for $300 so there are no disaster relief funds left, but he will surely toss everyone some paper towels! 🇵🇷

    Sadly, according to his tax returns he can't personally afford Bounty, and since he doesn't have a charity to divert funds from, expect an off brand from the dollar store!

  5. lol the bigger news now is Chicken in Chief is skipping the next debate – it’s a town hall format where people can ask the candidates directly – can’t one of your sheep even throw you a softball question?

  6. The FBI thwarted what they described as a plot to violently overthrow the government and kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and federal prosecutors are expected to discuss the alleged conspiracy later Thursday. These un-American trump and GOP traitors. These terrorist need to be all locked up.

    2 of the right-wing terrorist arrested were Republican Precinct delegates.

  7. Common sense clearly indicates that with well over 212,000 Americans DEAD and 7.58 MILLION infected in the US, and 34 within Trump's OWN WHITE HOUSE, because of Trump's careless indifference and downright LYING concerning the COVID 19 pandemic crisis in our nation, FOR HIS OWN POLITICAL GAIN, Trump HAS PROVEN that he OBVIOUSLY CANNOT BE TRUSTED to honestly and effectively lead our nation through this tragic and deadly pandemic. DUH! Voting for Trump is LITERALLY THE EQUIVALENT of POTENTIALLY VOTING FOR YOUR OWN DEATH, THE DEATH OF YOUR LOVED ONES, YOUR NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS, AND THE DEATHS OF MANY, MANY MORE OUR FELLOW AMERICAN CITIZENS!

  8. China didn't deliberately caused this virus it was accidental we are not focusing on the cure for it Trump is focusing on where it came from it doesn't matter where it came from it's here let's deal with it

  9. Yes those are all the countries that Trump has borrowed money from yep it's so easy because Trump is president you know as they have said who does he owe money to what kind of favors is he doing

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  11. The only problem with election security is Trump. He is trying to convince states and people that the election is already fixed against him. And other than mail-in votes coming in election day is still less than a month away. But some states are already trying to make it harder for people to vote by mail. And during this pandemic and many states having very high numbers why should something like this be happening

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  13. The man who hates mail-in ballots votes by mail-in ballot. He doesn’t like it because he knows how unpopular he is. Now he’s doing everything he can to discredit election results and prevent a smooth transition of power.

  14. Trump the covid denier, despite US with covid deaths over 211,000, and 637 deaths per million (rising faster) from coronavirus compared to Germany’s 114, or New Zealand's 5. Yet the US was ranked #1 in 2019 as being the most prepared to handle a pandemic in the world. Go figure.

  15. We're going to get sick either either way we can get sick and there's more because they don't want the election to take place they want the people to vote by mail so you mail will not get there.

  16. that's a lie y'all getting paid by sorrow in the clintons and everybody's organization to tell lies cuz you're are liars this is not true Donald Trump is telling America the truth y'all are lying

  17. no it is not they pay all people to do all things okay then they're going to pay the people not to distribute the mail it just not going to get there a lot of them will get there but most of them will not get there they will disappear and nobody will know what happened to them

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