A Supreme nomination, chaotic debate, and skateboarding Cholitas: The Week in Photos

A look at the week’s top photos from around the globe.


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38 thoughts on “A Supreme nomination, chaotic debate, and skateboarding Cholitas: The Week in Photos

  1. https://youtu.be/fKlvwPRh-ok
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  3. Caught early, instead of waiting (no waiting, like the #taxpayer) until extremely bad via health trap. Great for Potus/Flotus no extreme protocol, God Bless them 🤗💝✝️🇺🇸 Most of them do not wear a 395 masks including Biden there’s no guarantee they actually need to have outside auditors for both sides for testing.
    Election debates people Attending or not the debator can still go virtual.
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  4. Your right Cristiano. I'm sick and tired of the lies coming from a President. He's and the Republicans in office has made the country the laughing stock of the world. Every time he opens his mouth as Whoopi would say he spewzzz lies and I'm tired of it and I believe most not all but most of the country is tired also. Now he and wife got the virus. He ragged on Joe Biden about wearing his mask but who has the virus now ?? LOLLLLLL!!!! 45 talked all that CRAP denying the virus and he and his staff has it and he is 74 YEARS OLD who has the last laugh. I don't wish this on any one. He dissed the all the DOCTERS and SCIENTISTS around around the world. He is not a doctor he may be president but he's not mine. He makes to many bad decisions and it's not for the good of the country it's for him and his base. It's time for the country to heal and live on in PEACE. WE can't do that with 45 in office. Please everybody get out or stay home and vote we can keep living like this. VOTE.

  5. Zoom debates. The debates require an official egg-thrower.

    If either of the two interrupt they are egged.

    Both must continue once egged with no half-time clean up.

    Presidential egging debates. Now that's entertainment.

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  9. Why they’re not wearing mask? Do republicans want Pelosi in charge? This virus only attack those who are not following strict rules. And our enemies over the world want America to fail. Where’s the strict protocols?

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