ABC News Live Update: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for COVID-19

Plus, Chief of Staff Mark Meadows “optimistic” the president will leave the hospital Monday, and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden gives his remarks on President Trump’s motorcade drive-by.


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23 thoughts on “ABC News Live Update: Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for COVID-19

  1. Dear orange liar's cultists: DID YOU NOTICE THAT PENCE REFUSED TO ANSWER THE FIRST QUESTION AS TO HOW Trump WOULD ALLEGEDLY ENSURE THAT PEOPLE with PREEXISTING CONDITIONS DID NOT LOSE THEIR HEALTH INSURANCE, AFTER BARRET STRIKES DOWN THE AFFORDABLE CARE ACT? Remember also that other countries, who did not LIE REPEATEDLY to their citizens as the orange liar has, managed to control this pandemic with a very low number of infections and deaths. Read about Germany, Taiwan,etc.

    Remember also that other countries, who did not LIE REPEATEDLY to their citizens as the orange liar has, managed to control this pandemic with a very low number of infections and deaths. Read about Germany, Taiwan,etc.

    I still remember an old man that I met as I was going into a store, not wearing a mask, months ago. He was with his little, sweet, cute granddaughter, whom he was raising after his daughter died.

    I told him not to go in without a mask, because the virus was very dangerous and he might inhale it. He told me that I was crazy to be wearing a mask, because the president had said that this was nothing more than the flu and it would soon go away anyway. He went into the store without a mask and stayed there for a long time. I saw him with his little granddaughter when I eventually left, paying.

    I still remember them whenever I hear the orange blubber ball lie and claim that this is not dangerous, etc. I know others that died. I wonder what happened to them, because they were nice people who just foolishly believed the orange blubber ball. The grandfather might now be dead. She might be with child services by now. Lies kill, you dumb orange blubber ball cultist!!!!

    Over 210,000 Americans are dead now and 400,000 are predicted to be dead by the end of this orange clown's administration. He lied and he lied and he lied and he lied and he lied– AND HE KEEPS LYING!

    He gave himself and his cronies huge tax cuts while claiming that they would benefit the middle class. Most Americans now know that was a lie.

    He had a lot of other countries paying hundreds of thousands or millions for staying at his hotels to get influence over him, which they apparently got, since he suddenly fell in love with Saudi Arabia, North Korea, etc. Instead of working, he golfed and golfed and golfed.

    He is trying to get Barrett into the Supremes, so she can benefit wealthy, health insurance companies by allowing them to drop all Americans with pre-existing conditions, INCLUDING THOSE WHO HAVE COVID SEQUELAE! I bet that the Republicans will be paid GIGANTIC bribes if they manage to allow all of the health insurers to avoid paying for hundreds of COVID 19 hospitalizations, which they caused.

    He cares for Trump and not at all for most Americans. He should lose so he can be prosecuted by NY and go where he deserves to go. The other prisoners will do the rest. Not even death row prisoners like people like him. See

    TRANSLATION of Trump request for more incentive money now: Trump wants more money for his rich cronies as he refused to have any inspector, etc., oversee the prior $2 trillion bailout earlier this year and no one knows how they decided that so many large, rich corporations should get the money — not small business owners. Bankruptcy allows those large businesses like Boeing to continue, just with NEW owners who used to be the businesses’ creditors.

    That is what Trump is trying to truly trying avoid: any monetary losses for his cronies or his companies. You love Trump? Trump also only loves Trump and does not care if you people die.

    If this is not Trump faking illness to get sympathy and get re-elected, then they are not disclosing the date of his last negative, Covid test, because he refused to get tested and decided just to intentionally risk the lives of all of his dumb supporters and public at his unmasked rallies, Biden debate, Barrett nomination party, fundraisers, etc.

    If he was truly infected and not faking, he must have been infected at least seven days before he was hospitalized. He was infecting others those days.

    Why did Harris sound angry: it is probably the Republicans' causing of $210,000+ Americans' deaths, because she knows that if the Trump administration had just been a corrupt, incompetent private company hiding the danger of something and getting people killed, as a prosecutor, she could have gotten homicide or at least manslaughter convictions against them.

    Trump, who failed to follow the basic tenents of the science of Epidemiology, which you can read about in any Epidemiology text book(!), is primarily responsible for the 200,000 deaths so far: he should have approved funding for MASS testing, contact tracing locating all contacts of infected persons (when he first admitted to knowing to Woodward in January 2020!), quarantining of all persons infected, etc. Lockdowns were ONLY necessary, because of Trump’s failures to follow basic Epidemiology for this infectious virus, which procedures we knew since the first SARS virus (before 2004) and for which both GEORGE W. BUSH AND OBAMA(!!!!) created detailed plans with detailed instructions that the current leader(s) only had to read! Read

    Keep in mind that Trump also wants to cut Social Security and Medicare taxes and thereby, benefits to profit the ultra-rich, who will no longer pay taxes if he can cut them enough:; see

    He already cut funds for school lunches, because that way poorer American children’s brains will often be deprived of enough protein to develop normally: i.e., he wants to keep poorer persons dumb and docile. See and see how studies show that children’s brains will not develop properly if they can just deprive them of enough protein. See and See also, which shows the depth of the evil that Trump and Republicans practice, because they are trying to deprive poor, often minority, children of enough protein to hamper their brain development.

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  4. Covid 19 has a survival rate of 99.9%

    Some people get it and don't even know it

    Alot of people have it and they say it's comparable to the flu

    Others get it and die due to their underlying health conditions

    Some states are not reporting reliable information on the actual data , this makes me suspicious
    It's an election year. Who benefits most if the virus seems like it's not being handled correctly?

  5. The Orange Blubber Ball lied to Americans for months, caused them to take unnecessary risks to keep the stock market up, so he could get re-elected and avoid being prosecuted (e.g., by NY for tax fraud), kept lying, keeps lying, risked Americans getting infected with his super spreader rallies, is trying to cut off American's health insurance with Barrett's nomination and his conservative Supremes, and after allegedly receiving three medications not available to the public, has the audacity to claim it is no big deal.

    If he is truly infected, and he got basically a car-accident doctor to be the white house doctor that has admitted to lying for him, he endangered the lives of hundreds, because he was obviously infected when he went to rallies, meetings, etc. If he is faking getting infected to try to then claim that it was nothing, then he is trying to get Americans to take more risks that will get more of them killed to get re-elected and avoid NY (and others) criminal cases against him. Vote for Biden, who, whatever you may dislike about him is at least not a selfish sociopath responsible for thousands of Americans' deaths.

  6. To all who disbelieve what phase we are in via the "signs of the times", no one is forcing you to believe but your own conscious that your spirit will suffer the consequences for should you choose to live a life of horrible sin…
    But the people who send messages are only trying there best to give everyone else the heads up!

  7. Maybe ABC should do some investigating on why Hunter Biden was on the Board of Directors of a Ukrainian company when he can't read one word on the Lunch Menu in Ukraine. Literally all documents are required to be written in Ukrainian by the government there.

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