ABC News Prime: Surging COVID-19 cases; Debate fallout; Historic airline job losses

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29 thoughts on “ABC News Prime: Surging COVID-19 cases; Debate fallout; Historic airline job losses

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  2. The test is fraud! 80-90% FALSE positives. Dr Andrew Kaufman shows how this test does not meet any of the required standards. He shows you and proves it. Distancing has NOTHING to do with it. Viruses are in the blood. EXOSOMES are made by the body, which go into toxic cells and cleans them out causing a RESPONSE like flu symptoms. A fever is also a response HELPING YOU. Brilliant design. Brilliant CREATOR. According to OSHA, fresh air atmospheric oxygen below 19.5% causes organ and BRAIN DAMAGE and lowers your immune system. Hello! Over 4,400,000 people died in the first half of 2020 of . . .STARVATION. Where was the outcry, the shutdown, the worldwide movement? Nada! 1,5 million had tuberculosis last year. Where was your mask then? Where was the tuberculosis PANDEMIC outcry? Oh, the media and CORPSorations didn't tell you how to respond. If it's not on tv, it didn't happen eh? If viruses are microscopic that no fibrous mask could contain, keeping in or out, then why are you wearing it? Mind & body CONTROL by your conTROLLerS. I follow my manufacturer who made me, not whatever ENTITY ENTITY y'all are following. Hitler would be impressed by your success of mind & body control. My body, my choice to BREATHE AND EXHALE AS GOD MADE ME. BREATHING in recycled human waste makes you sick. Plus 5G needed a fall guy and they've got one. That 60MHz causes FLU like symptoms, headaches, insomnia, rashes, heart and respiratory problems, CANCER and a REDUCTION of oxygen absorption from water bcuz it spins the water molecules so fast that it can't be absorbed by the body. Trump loves 5G & beyond and fascist Fauci as well. All politicians are SCRIPTED puppets used to manipulate, divide and conquer the people. And they're doing a damn good job. Close down the world over a flu? (which they pay the hospitals big bucks to get their numbers UP). This has been orchestrated for at least decades. Yes, there are documents to prove it. "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when EVERYTHING the American public believes is FALSE" -William Casey Feb 5, 1981, former CIA Director.

  3. this is stupid becouse no one in the world knows a bout the virus and how they work ofcourse going into have miss information because we don't know and we need to found and search the press is one of the misinformation drama and fake news and using g the pandemia for promote hate not hope and cooperation and all the violence start with the stupid democrats mea sages of hate with the help of the press because DONALD J TRUMP won the election you all thanks for hate and the violence and is a shame and stop promoting HATE WE ARE DIYNG THANKS F CHINA NOT FOR DONALD J TRUMP OR YOU ALKL DOSENT REALICE F YET IS DISGUSTING

  4. America is already facing an impending giant subverter and are not rallying behind their elected leader. For more money, even Apple Tesla and others
    are giving in to China’s demands. Read the Chinese news (not their mainstream media like cnn++).
    China has explosions floods lockdowns etc and their corrupt officials are trying hard to get their money out as fast as possible. China is now issuing digital currency in order that they may track trace and control the outflow of currency. Some police are even robbing their people and all these with approval from authorities. The Chinese regime is still belligerent and proud controlling the media that only the ‘good side’ is broadcast. Their aim is to destroy America and become world leader. Here we are stupidly believing the mainstream media and fighting with the one party that is fighting China.

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  6. @ABC Evidence of Efficacy HCQ
    2 different studies Belgium and Italy
    From Belgium HCQ study

    30% reduced death rate….

    From Italy HCQ Study

    30% lower death rate Italian

    Dr. Been talks Italy study

    Rapid testing saves lives
    Early treatment saves lives
    A thermometer that tells me I had a fever 3 days ago is worthless so are covid test.
    Why is this taking so long?

    Why has the CDC and FDA not made cheap rapid HOME testing available?

    Boycott ABC , The Atlantic CNN MSNBC

  7. News Flash: Trump now has Covid….

    Oh, but wait…that is just a Democratic hoax, right? It affects "nobody"…Trump's words.
    People who wear masks are disloyal and losers.

    I'd like to feel sorry, but now that over 200,000 Americans are dead and he refuses
    to care or take any responsibility, how should one feel ?

    Can we say: Karma ? God's justice?

  8. Trump, arguably the most powerful national leader, has no leadership skills, not even the most basic! During the debacle/debate, he mocked Biden for wearing a mask much too often. Trump has no idea of the basic leadership skill of leading by a good example: he sets a bad example almost every day by what he says, tweets, and does.

    Can anyone name even name one leadership skill that Trump possesses?

  9. Climate change is another word for the Most High telling the world if you don't make it right for the descendants of people who actually built the wealth of this country it will get worse…unless you don't believe that you reap what you sow

  10. The only time America was great was when it had the unpaid for yet labour my forefathers contributed to this country during chattel slavery and to this day thinks the Most High does not exist…Reparations Now is a Demand.

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